30 day challenge-Day 23
“Brain Child” is the term we use to describe new clones with a person’s memories transferred into them,” he explained. “Then what am I?” Kalika asked. She was lost and confused. The fact that her mother was dead and she didn’t live at home anymore was even more disconcerting. “You’re more than just memories, my dear. You’re one of a kind. You don’t just have Kalika’s memories, you have her organs. You’ve been modified so you won’t behave as badly as she did or defy your father, but as far as everyone around you is concerned, you are her. In addition, you’re the very first doll we’ve made that’s so advanced. You can be anyone and anything we want or need you to be. If you have to hide, you can shape-shift as well. You’re the closest we’ve come to bringing back the dead. Your father didn’t get to be in your life and now you have the rest of your lives to do so. We wanted to transfer your brain completely, but they wanted to repress and modify certain portions of it,” the man explained.

“Oh, god…” the last thing Kalika remembered was arguing with her grandmere and everything went black. She wasn’t in hell and this was much, much worse. Instead of waiting for Marcus and being with Aban and her grandpere, she was a freak. She wasn’t even an experiment in the same way Lex, Morgan and the others were. She hadn’t been brought back from the dead, she’d been experimented on. They had given her a lobotomy, removed her organs and re-programmed as much of her as they could have and put her in a body that wasn’t even truly alive. The fact that her mother was dead and she didn’t know where he dad was made things even worse. She had always befriended the robots when she was little and now she was one of them. She wanted to be a hybrid, not an experiment who wasn’t even person. If she was an experiment, it meant that her soul was gone. It had to be, because she felt extremely strange. Her mother being gone didn’t make her spring to action the way it should have. She was going to insist that she see her dad, but something felt…off. It was almost like she wasn’t actually there. It was a nightmare and when she woke up, she’d ask what the hell it meant. She wasn’t dead, she had been in a coma. The painkillers made her think strange things, not what a crazy man whose name she didn’t even know said.

“Leave her alone. She’s scared,” a voice said. “Adam?” Kalika asked. She was grateful and needed to understand what happened. “Hey. Are you okay? I told them to get dad, but they didn’t get why,” he said as he hugged her. “Why? Because he’s our dad! Mom is dead and no one’s telling me anything!” she said angrily.

“You’re new and you need to adjust before we can. If you become unstable, you’ll die,” Adam said. “So? I did die and this…this is insane. How could you guys let them do this to me?” she demanded. “You died. You were murdered and there wasn’t anything I could do about it,” Adam said as he looked down. “This is your solution? I could have been with grandpere, grandpere Jean and everyone else! I’m not even me and they gave me a lobotomy,” she said as she covered her mouth.

“They didn’t give you a lobotomy because I wouldn’t let them. You act like I had any say in this. I wanted you to be like me, but your father wanted you to be his daughter, not me. If mom hadn’t given you away, he would have had time with her,” Adam said.

“No, she wouldn’t! It wasn’t even really her idea and she had no choice. Mommy and daddy were the best parents in the world and I told you I didn’t want to live with mom and dad. Where’s Gabriel?” Kalika demanded. She needed her cousin and aside from daddy, he was the only adult male she looked up to. He had raised her for all practical purposes and she knew he’d save the world; she was just going to keep it warm.

“He’s in the capital. Look, it worked, okay? It’s Helena’s now, grandmother and grandfather have to work with her and dad is just the general. Tristan, Laia and Mordachi live in the castle and so does that girl. I guess Bertram could, but he and Helena had a huge fight. You live with your father now, not me and dad,” Adam said.

“NO! They took mommy and daddy away from me. Mom is dead and I’m sure Bertram picked grandmere. I don’t know him, I know you and dad. Why can’t I go live with grandma? I’m just like her and she and Gabriel raised me,” Kalika said. It was impossible not to cry and she just wanted to go home. Even her grandfather and grandmother would be an improvement.

“I know and he hates them. So does dad-You were different when you came home. He knows why you were hiding, but he didn’t like your logic and reasoning. He gets why you both are different now, but what’s he supposed to do? He’s not your father,” Adam said. “So? Daddy isn’t my father, but we’re still related,” Kalika said. She wanted a world that was warm and familiar to her, not the cold reality she was apparently trapped in.

“Please, calm down. Do you want to play video games or watch a movie?” Adam asked. Kalika nodded mutely and leaned against him. She had never really seen him as her brother, but in this instant, she needed him. Tristan thought she was dead and no would let her see him either way. She needed grandmere to think she was dead for now, but she wanted Gabriel and her grandma to know she was alive. She wanted to see Lara, even if she might not be able to see Avara. Her head was spinning and the world didn’t look the way it used to. It probably never would and she didn’t want to deal with it. She was 13, she wanted her boyfriends, fries with wasabi sauce, duck blood soup and a crappy movie with her sister, brothers, cousin and best friends.

30 day challenge-Day 22: The Time Thief
I'm so pissed, Columbine, Cape Elizabeth
            A flash of lightning illuminated the room, revealing the transparent silhouette of a man directly in front of her. It was the stuff of nightmares, but Kalika didn’t care. She wanted to know why she wasn’t being allowed to live, so she chose not to show how scared she actually was.

            “You’re actually on my turf. I can’t tell if you’re just that brave, have a death wish or just enjoy suffering,” he drawled. “I thought we had an understanding and grandmere knows why I killed Alexander,” Kalika said. “Perhaps she does, but if there’s no need to have an understanding, what difference does that make?” he asked.

            “It makes a world of difference and you should want her to be happy. Grandpere was the only man she ever loved and you’re going to take him away from her. Even if it led to his death, they were perfect for each other,” Kalika said.

            “Of course I want mother to be happy. It doesn’t mean she needs that man in her life. If she’s never met him, how will she know who he is? I never said he wouldn’t be born, which means that it’s entirely possible that they could still meet. You, my dear are a problem. You always have been and now I have the solution,” Agares said.

“Bullshit. If that were all this was about, you would have tried to sooner. You want revenge on my family and people and you think that if you kill thousands of people, you’ll get yours. Then what? What exactly will you own? Who will you be in charge of? You can’t call my people savages if everyone’s living in the dark ages,” she countered. “Mordachi is devastated,” she added.

“Who told you to tell him goodbye, you sneaky little bitch? I have plenty of children and I can still have mine, they’ll just never meet you. You stole my son and I’ll get him back,” Agares said as he knocked her back.

Kalika managed to get up and looked at him defiantly. “No, you won’t. We have a pact and if I die, so does he. He and Adam are intertwined now, so if I’m never born, he and Adam will both go back to being Bold. You can’t undo that many things without massive damage to the threads and fabric of the universe,” she said.

“Then so be it. If he doesn’t take my offer, then die together. I’ll be the judge of what is and isn’t damaging. Since you’re so sure of yourself, I’ll make a deal with you. For every instance that you actually manage to solve or prevent without any damaging side effects, I’ll leave you be. You do have your husband by your side and that changes things. The minute you have trouble or I find the boy, I’ll come at you with no mercy,” Agares said.

“Ex-husband, but it doesn’t matter. You could have killed me when everyone was fighting, but you didn’t. Why is that?” Kalika asked. Bargaining and negotiating was much more civilized and productive. It didn’t need to be this difficult. “Mother would have never let me hurt you. Besides…Vivienne was an idiot who got what she deserved. She wasn’t fit to raise you, her husband was a boring, soulless monster, those savages were full of themselves and it was stupidity to try and keep you. If Lucius wanted to raise you, then he had the right to. You behaved in our house, but you chose to be stubborn and challenge the hands that fed and clothed you,” Agares said quietly.

“No, I did the same thing I always do. Take back the city and keep it from being chaotic. Everyone else’s way didn’t work and the world has gone to shit now. Why would I let that horrible man live? Why would anyone allow predators to roam free? It took a lot longer, but I got rid of my father’s side as well. This entire mess is ridiculous and it doesn’t need to be this way. You should care whether Sage lives or dies, you know. They’ll always judge your kind because they’re aliens and you’ll always judge them because they started it. Enough-We can all start from scratch,” Kalika said.

“I’m not even sure that boy is mine. Even if he is, I can still claim him. It does come to this because it’s much simpler to get rid of the source than it is to fix one portion at a time. Unless you can prove me wrong, then I’m going to continue my quest. I have many millennia on you, child. My kind may not even meet yours, which would be preferable. Now wake up before I change my mind,” he said as he knocked her back with full force.


30 day challenge-Day 21: Bizzaro World, part 7
“Wow. That’s great-You trust a stranger from a book you read more than me,” Lex said. “I never said that. I just don’t like being alone with you he’s worried about me. No one else is, no one believes me and I can’t take it anymore,” Kalika said.

“Oh, for god’s sake…I’m all alone. Chase abandoned me and Jake and Crypt hate me. Adam is my only real friend because Morgan is your friend more than mine. On top of everything, my sister went missing. Marcus has been my only real friend, but I’d never pick him over you. Why would I make the only person who loves me upset?” Lex asked.

“I’m not having sex with you. I didn’t want to do stuff then, I just didn’t want you to pick someone else or leave me. You said that you liked me for me, not for what everyone else did or my looks and body. Marcus may be with Greta, but we’re soulmates. He’s not coming near me unless I want to and I don’t. He thinks I’m crazy, he just won’t admit it. Only a stranger seems to get what I’m dealing with, so leave him alone,” Kalika said. She felt less alone and her enemies were getting to her.

“Fine, but he’s paranoid, he doesn’t know you and he’ll make you weak. We don’t have to have sex and my life got ruined because of what I did. Look, I saw what we’re up against and I’m scared. I’ve never seen magic or creatures before and they freak me out. I’m ready to listen and do as you say. Maybe I didn’t appreciate you then, but I do now. Look, back then it had more to do with you being too human. I know I said mean things and did stupid stuff out of anger, but I missed you. Even when I was a jerk, I never yelled like Marcus did,” Lex said.

“You are?” Kalika was too used to skepticism to believe good things. “I am and I had to push myself. It was dark outside, so it meant using my night vision,” Lex said. “Look, they’re ancient, they’re strong and they’re warping reality. Greta never existed in any of the other realities, yet now, here she is. We’re up against a man who can manipulate time, space and reality, as well as the astral plane. Gremory collects people, places and things. I made him angry in the past, but I was just following orders. He can make people fall in love and I think he’s making you be like this. You always hated me and blamed me for your problems. We fixed things when we were older,” Kalika said.

“Um, I tried to get you to have sex with me. You called bullshit and I had no way to defend myself. Why would I keep on hating you? I thought you did it to be vindictive, but you didn’t. Maybe he’s making me horny, but there’s no logical defense for me to do what I did. If he made Greta fall in love with Marcus and he’s warping reality, which does make sense. Realty, time and space is scientific, so why is everyone questioning it?” It did make sense, but her jealousy did make her look bad.

“He can also plant false memories and change the past around so they were together as children. I love him, but she’s out of his league, to be honest, I’d expect her to like you,” Kalika pointed out.  “Well, shit…you’re right. She told me that you weren’t good enough and that you were a weird little loser who was younger,” Lex said. They had things in common and she listened to him bitch and complain about Kalika.

“He’s making things harder for me and so is Gremory. They have a cult and grandmere and aunt Agatha are powerful. Grandmere won’t let anyone kill me, but I am trying to stop them from wiping out the Bennetts and fixing this mess,” Kalika explained.

“If Viral can make something this crazy happen, then Zamora can help us with something else. I’ll fix this and I wanted to talk to you about Viral. Look, I know he’s your best friend, but you need someone strong by your side. It should be me and Marcus, not him. If Marcus wants to be a jerk, then I’ll do it. He caused a mess and distracted you from something vital,” Lex said.

“This entire plan was his idea. I just helped him finish and made it happen. His powers are so useful,” Kalika said. She was shocked and she would never shove Viral out of anything. “They are, but he’s not good at making things happen. I’m not blaming him for being younger, but he’s lazy, immature and lacks ambition,” Lex said.

“Oh, crap. Why didn’t I see it? Agares is at it again. Viral and I have run from him before and foiled his plans. We even got to Tristan before him. He has his angry dark side and he’s made biological weapons before. Maybe Zamora wanted to make him fuck up so I’d see something I didn’t notice before,” Kalika said.

“I’m skeptical, but I suppose I could give him a chance. I still think I can help you and handle things for you,” Lex said. “I know you can. In a few years, I’m going need you to do something life-changing for me. Our lives are both difficult and always intertwined and you’re more capable of surviving this than you think you are. I’m just afraid of being alone with you,” Kalika said.

“Well, once he goes away, I’ll prove to you and everyone else that I’ve changed. Go to the dance with me,” Lex asked. “I’ll think about it,” Kalika said. She opened the door and motioned for Barry to come in.

“Kaya is a great bartender. I yelled at her and she’s not going to let you all get hurt again. You are sneaky as hell and it figures that you have a secret patron,” Barry joked. “I’m not stupid, Barry. If I didn’t know that we need the adults, I wouldn’t be begging. Things are harder this time and unlike me, you’ve survived the impossible and unexpected,” Kalika said.

“I think that’s why I’m here. I couldn’t help Bette, but I can help you. I know you have a mission like Oliver’s, but I get you a lot more. I get Viral too, but you have a special gift that you don’t know how to help people with. I think Oliver can help too, he just needs to get past your age. You’re not human and I get that, but I don’t buy that you can’t be nice and you need to be like your family. They freak me out and I can’t believe what they’re doing. Why would any of them deserve custody? You’re kids and you’re going to be scared and upset if the adults are all fighting,” Barry said.

“Viral was the one who was thinking about you all, though. Shouldn’t he factor into things?” Kalika asked. “We won’t know until he talks to you, but we can handle one of the people you’re up against. Oliver has a reputation, fans and a track record. He can explain how to deal with that and that does involve Viral. We need to talk now,” Barry said. He still didn’t think Kaya had an excuse, but she had the right to be embarrassed.

“I’m going to straighten Marcus out. You’re our queen and he has no right to challenge your authority, be so insolent and yell for no reason,” Lex said. “Be careful or you’ll push him away. The further he gets, the more they win,” Kalika said. “I will and I’m sorry I never took you guys seriously.  They kicked my ass, all because I was being cocky,” Lex said.

Once they were alone, Barry shook his head. “What? He’s a soldier and he’s never been outside the Citadel. Science and reality is all he knows and so is war, taking over the world and an organized body of leadership. He has to follow someone and he hates my mother,” Kalika said.

“What did you see in him? He’s a macho jerk who used you. Is it because he’s older? Is it a bad boy thing?” Girls could be dumb, but Barry saw more in Kalika. “I’ve been in love with him since I was 8. He helped me figure out who I was, showed me how to be cool and knew all this stuff I didn’t. He was handsome, charming and perfect. His girlfriend and I were friends, but it hurt when my friends flirted with him and I was just his buddy. When he finally asked me out, I was over the moon. I thought it was all Chase, but it wasn’t. I feel dumb, but I just wanted to make sure no one took him away. He wanted to mate for life, but he said that it wasn’t just my last name, powers or looks. He swears he’s changed and apologized in public, but you guys aren’t wrong. I’m too afraid to be alone with him to take him back,” Kalika said with a sigh.

“You can do better. Don’t you want someone to thinks the world of you? A nerd may not have muscles, but if they put you first, doesn’t that matter?” She was being a girl and if Barry was around to help, he was doing more than just training her. “Of course it does. I’ve always been a romantic, but everyone thinks I read too many books.  I want what grandma had when she was the Lone Pulsar. There’s a statue of her and the Blast Bullet in the old capital. She wants to be buried next to him when she dies,” Kalika said as she formed a dreamy smile.

“Oh, god…that’s a great name and my friend Cisco really would like you. I think you can have that, you’re just being blind to what’s right in front of you,” Barry said.  “I am?” If she could have Marcus in her life without Greta blocking them, she needed to know.

“You are. I know he’s younger, but Viral made a goofy mistake. He can see how close to cracking you are, he has your back about trying to fix things and he worships you. No one else is even trying to understand you, that guy is trying to take advantage of you and that guy yelled at you. You two could be a great team,” Barry suggested.

Kalika was taken aback; she hadn’t expected that. Viral knew how much she loved Marcus and was always hung up on Sonali. “He looks at you the way I always looks at Iris and he was crushed when you yelled at him. He does whatever you say, follows you around like a puppy and doesn’t think it’s bossy. He’s too intimidated to tell you how he feels. You’re smarter, older and more mature. If I was in his shoes, I’d be terrified to say anything,” Barry pointed out.

“He does?” Kalika was worried now and it really was low to have Viral fall back in love with her the way he did in the past. “I recognize that look and it sucks when the jackass or a muscle-bound guy gets the girl, all because they’re bad, they’re confident or flirt aggressively,” Barry insisted.

“Then we have to talk,” Kalika said. She was afraid and Viral needed to get his timelines straight. She’d never love him and he cheated on her. “How much did Kaya tell you?” she asked carefully. “She explained about your grandfather, told me why she’s embarrassed and wants nothing to do with your family and why she’s become so cynical. I get it, but it’s no excuse for her behavior. Summoning sounded familiar, but this isn’t a video game. If she can actually do that, she’s the real hero. I’m not saying you don’t matter, but she’s the strongest one,” Barry said.

“I’m not jealous of threatened. I’m the one everyone expects to lead the people, but it involves knocking my grandparents and my parents off of their seats. I have to wait two years until my cousin gets here, but if most of the city demands I deal with them and asks for change, no one can do anything. My grandmother can’t have it back and neither can my uncles because they’re all evil and insane. I don’t really want power and status, I want to create a brave new world, fix things and make them perfect. Grandma has the same powers I do and she trained me. If I can be just like her, then I’ll die happy,” Kalika assured him.

“Good, because even if I go easier on you than Oliver will, I’m not Fell. You can’t manipulate me or do whatever you want. You don’t need to be a killing machine, you just need to expose and destroy those people in charge. I’m sorry that we got dismissive. It’s just that you know that I work for the Police department. I want to throw up and this much corruption is bad. They shouldn’t give ex-cons jobs like that or access to anyone. I doubt he’s dealt with perverts aside from that guy who collects people. It’s hard to imagine dealing with child molesters or rapists. Don’t go wandering off on your own, just because you’re a weapon,” Barry said sternly.

“I won’t. I’m ready and even if I yelled, Viral and I have gone through a lot. He gave up his childhood for me, he made difficult decisions for me, he’s saved my neck lots of times and we always called ourselves forgotten royals. We were passed over for our siblings, we’re both bastard children and we had it rough. We’re both angry,” Kalika said as she formed a faint smile.  “See? He’s perfect for you and he’s innocent,” Barry said as he punched her arm.

30 day challenge-Day 21: Bizzaro World, part 6
Once they stepped out, Kalika took a breath and knelt against the wall. She couldn’t take seeing her sister suffer, she failed everyone and she didn’t know how to send Oliver and Barry back to their world.

“You’re allowed to be overwhelmed. I haven’t had my powers long and everyone accuses me of doing the same thing. One more thing we have in common,” he joked.  “That’s so strange. I guess I can tell you since you’re a stranger, but Viral is more than just my best friend,” Kalika said. “Why do you think I told you to lay off? He looks at you the way I always looked at Iris,” Barry said with a sigh. It was hard and Kalika was smarter, older and more mature.

“He’s seriously been there for everything. He’ll literally follow me anywhere, no matter what it does or how much it costs. My brother went missing and I swore that I’d find him and wouldn’t rest until we got to grow up together. It wasn’t fair that I got to get older and he was out there somewhere. I had to give up my childhood and never aged past 21. Viral didn’t want me to do it alone, so he gave up his childhood, too. We ran from one of the people causing this stuff. If you two weren’t heroes, I’d assume he brought you here. The thing is, only I get stuck remembering things. Everyone bugs me to tell them stuff, so I tried to jog his memory. He did remember a little after I gave him time to think, but I needed him to remember everything. Someone had to understand how serious this is, who our enemies are and why I can’t relax. Something huge happened and I needed him to see how surreal and serious us being partners is. Instead…this happened,” Kalika said with a sigh.

“We really want to see those comics, but I’m starting to come up with a theory. Want to hear it?” Barry could relate and even if she was dark like Oliver, she had more in common with Barry. “I’d love to,” Kalika said as she smiled brightly.

“What are you talking about? Shouldn’t you be inside?” Marcus asked. “She was stressed out and this is a lot for one girl to handle. She needed someone to listen and give her advice,” Barry pointed out. “Kalika has people to do that,” Marcus snapped. “It’s called an outside perspective and Barry knows lots of stuff we don’t. He’s a superhero and all the adults should be like him. Plus, until Viral gets here, we can’t do anything,” Kalika pointed out.

“I’m here. Sorry, I just didn’t want my brother going through my stuff. He won’t know what to bring and some stuff is um…private,” Viral said. “I don’t care enough to know about your lack of sex life,” Lex remarked dryly. “He’s 9,” Barry said sarcastically. It was gross and kids thought about kissing, not sex.

“Ignore him. He’s a selfish pervert and he almost talked my cousin into having sex with him,” Lara said as she rolled his eyes. Kalika reddened visibly; she didn’t like it being discussed. It was embarrassing and she had just wanted to make sure that the boy she loved paid attention to her.

“Lara, this is Barry. Barry, this is my cousin Lara. She knows what Kaya does, but since she’s 12, she can’t summon as much,” Kalika explained. “It’s nice to meet you, even if the circumstances suck. You were brave to go after the demons alone,” he said with a smile. He was starting to wonder if all of them looked older, because Lara dressed more like she was 14 as well.

“Well, our family is trained for this. The women had special powers until they got taken away. All of us were meant to go after evil people. I didn’t care as much about weapons and tools, but if we don’t do what we were trained to, then I can’t sleep a night. Look, it’s okay-Viral told us what happened,” Lara said.

“We need to talk later,” Lex said. “Sure, I just need to make sure Amara is stable,” Kalika said with a sigh. “I’ll go with you.” Barry wanted to slap the little brat and he did seem like the type. Kalika was trying not to giggle, but she liked someone being overprotective. “It’s private,” Lex said tersely.

“No, it’s okay. He’s just worried that someone will come after us. Plus, he and I have stuff to talk about,” Kalika said. “Then by all means, do so. You made the compound and bailed on us yesterday. Go do it again-We don’t need you,” Marcus said coldly.

Everyone was startled and Kalika gaped at him. She had no idea where it was coming from and she had apologized. “She had a good reason and Zamora has a reputation. Mom saw her for help when she was pregnant with Avara,” Lara said as she scolded him. “Don’t yell at her-I did this,” Viral pleaded.

“Look, nevermind. You can make up for it by fixing her. These three can have their pow-wow,” Marcus said before he left. “I’ll talk to him-That was unnecessary and I always have faith in you,” Lara assured her.

“Ugh…fuck him. Do you want me to break his legs?” Lex said as they left. “What? No, of course not! I don’t understand why he yelled at me, but we’re not attacking each other,” Kalika said sternly. “How about you not hit anyone?” The guy was a bully and Barry didn’t approve.

“You’re not even real and you’re human,” Lex said as he rolled his eyes. “Watch your mouth. He’s saved tons of people, he’s going to do stuff only I have and he and Oliver have actual teams. They don’t need to beg, borrow or steal, do favors or anything the rest of us do to survive,” Kalika snapped.

“Fine. I’m sorry, but we’re not human. We’re reptiles and she’s only nice because she’s a hybrid. Violence is in our blood and she and I trained and fought daily at our old school,” Lex said apologetically. “I think she’d be nice either way and it’s not that simple. Genetics and our brain cells don’t automatically make us behave properly or be emotional. The way you were raised and other factors need to be considered,” Barry pointed out.

“My mother gave me away. I forgive her since I told you why, but she left me with those hunters. My aunt was taking care of me, but her parents were crazy, evil, racist hypocrites. They made fun of me for being dark and made sure I knew that Lara and Amara were better, he could tell that I was one of the reptiles he hated and he left me out in a storm,” Kalika said.

“Holy shit…Fell only told us that last part. I’m sorry, kiddo. That’s cruel and abusive. How would he know that you’d be dangerous? Trying to kill you only accomplishes what he set out to prevent,” Barry said sadly. “He didn’t and I didn’t even know what I was. This nice vampire named Declan found me and gave me to mommy and daddy. They took care of me and so did everyone the Bennetts hated. I can’t spit on homeless people either way. I got shuffled around, people are still fighting over who I need to live with and everyone just wants what I stand for or what I can do. I used to fix people’s bicycles and talk to nearby machines because I hated the other kids. I had one friend like me who felt the same way because she was a black lesbian with powers,” Kalika said with a sigh.

“See what I mean? She can’t be mean past a point because everyone treated her like crap and she got bullied. I don’t care if your sister gets mad, I’m bringing you both in here,” Barry said as they entered Sucker’s. It was private and he doubted that the whole place smelled like blood.

“Salut. Êtes-vous d'accord? Ce qui se est passé?” Pierre asked.  “Nous sommes allés voir Zamora et virale accidentellement fait deux personnages de l'histoire réelle. Je dois planifier les choses et Amara a été attaqué au cours de la patrouille de la nuit dernière. En outre, le monde continue d'ignorer mes avertissements et de protestations. Et vous?” Kalika asked cheerfully.

Pierre paled and Kalika sighed; it was what it was. “I’ll get someone to cover for me. Go in the back room where we count the money,” he said as he handed her the keys. “Ne pas se faire prendre.,” Kalika said as she called out to him.

“I will never get over your dumb French people thing. It’s so rude,” Lex grumbled. “You’re in Quebec,” Kalika said sarcastically. “Huh. Well, that explains a lot. I should have picked up on it, but not everyone here has an accent,” Barry said. “I’m actually not that used to speaking English in the house. Mommy is Brazilian and Italian, mommy and grandmere are French, my real father is Draconian and daddy never said what he is. I had to speak English with the Bennetts, but that’s about it,” Kalika said as she unlocked the door.

“Wait, what? You’d better pray that no one heard that,” Lex whispered. He was shocked and it figured that the queen was a whore. “I thought I told you,” she said. “No, you didn’t and I get why. My loyalties aren’t to your father now, they’re to you. You’re not one of them and it changes things,” Lex said.

“How? I was named after my grandma, not my aunt. I don’t get why dad couldn’t tell-We had some amount of friction between us because he was too unemotional and didn’t give me enough attention. By the way, my mom is not a slut. Aunt Cara said she was in love with my father, but no one let them get married. She was supposed to marry dad, not sleep with his nephew. No one knows if he’s still alive, but whatever. I only know that the people I spent 500 years with are my family more than these guys. I’m not trying to be mean, but this place doesn’t feel like home anymore. There are no human concepts there, but people age really slowly, don’t get sick as easily, have fairly open-minds, see and know things none of us do and I’d still be alive 2,000 years from now. I’d look like I was 50, but I’d still be alive,” Kalika said with a sigh.

“Are you sure? Shouldn’t your humanity be factored it?” Aging as quickly as a non-human was impossible and her Neanderthal DNA changed things. “Oh, right. Duh,” she said as she formed a short laugh. “We need to talk,” Lex reminded her.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Barry said. “Excuse me? Just because you don’t normally exist doesn’t mean you get to know my business,” Lex said angrily. “It’s not going to stop me from making sure you keep your hands and pants where they’re supposed to be,” Barry said as he narrowed his eyes.

“She was exaggerating and I said sorry,” Lex protested. “Well…” Kalika herself was always nervous and she was glad someone was trying to protect her. “Oh, come on! I told you I’d make it up to them and I thought you were pushing me away because of Marcus. Besides…this is business,” he said as he made a face.

“I’ll wait outside the door. If I hear her voice rise at all, I’m breaking the door down,” Barry said. No one was going to let the little brat near her and being coy with Fell didn’t mean Kalika knew all that much about boys. If she did, she’d notice how hurt Viral was every time she yelled. Barry felt sorry for him and he deserved her more.

30 day challenge-Day 20: Bizzaro World, part 5
Once Lex left, she placed her face in her palms; it never ended. “He’s a little boy,” Barry said. “I know, I know. It’s just that you two could have been busy doing what you two do best. If I had been there, this wouldn’t have happened. Lex has no idea how to fight outside of school and he’s too arrogant to believe in anything but guns and technology. I grew up on stakes, arrows, crosses and holy water, not him. This is what I meant. Everyone’s indifferent, too cynical to believe that things can change or they’re afraid to even try. My uncle knows damn well what we know because he has a vendetta against my aunt’s family. If they’re all dead, no one’s going to interrupt their rituals, private sessions or whatever the hell they’re up to lately. The girl he murdered broke his heart. He snapped and he wasn’t able to regain his ability to think clearly until she died. He was so mad that he raped her mom and watched her rape Rebecca’s little sister until she was about to pass out. God…it was awful. I mean, her body was just hanging there. Her mom died staring at her daughter’s body. He kept the little girl and kept coming after each and every single one of them. Until rape was involved, no one decided to say anything,” Kalika said, a disgusted look on her face. She was frustrated and wanted to throw things.

“I still want to see those comics, but there has to be a logical reason as to why we’re here. You said that woman doesn’t do anything for no reason, right?” It was gross and Barry had harsh words for the adults. They had problems and it was awful to sit around and wait to get killed.  “No, she doesn’t. That place is called the city of the forgotten gods because it’s all old creatures. I never asked what she is or how old she is, but she knows a lot more than the rest of us do. I don’t need to lie to her or keep secrets,” Kalika said.

“Why are you two fans?” It could have been why and a lair was impressive. “Well, he got me into The Flash, but I can relate to some of your story. My family has helped, allowed or done awful things, especially my biological parents.  I survived something traumatic, I wound up in a strange place and everyone says I’m different now.  I can’t be my old self either way, even if the others want to kid themselves. I’d probably look like a bad person, though. My family is really cutthroat, everyone’s expendable and if you knock someone over or replace them, then it’s because you deserve it. My uncle really should have died, but I guess my mom couldn’t let her own twin get executed. I’d never be that human and he was a serial killer and rapist. He tried to hurt her for having the sense to finally stop protecting him. I’m sure that must seem fucked up,” Kalika said.

“What’s a Draconian?” It was fucked up, but Barry remembered being asked strange questions. “They’re my people. I know what you’re thinking and we have nothing to do with that style of government. My elders admire it a lot, but we have nothing to do with it. We’re all proud, arrogant warriors and we can raid, loot, pillage and conquer without feeling bad about it. Well, the actual ones do. The ones here are different. See that giant tower in the distance?” Kalika asked.

“That is spectacular. What is it? Does it house the water supply? Gas?” It could have been anything, but the technology was amazing. “No, nothing that trivial. That’s the Citadel and it controls all the technology in the city. The compound is so large that people act as if it’s a city on its own. Humans aren’t allowed there and a lot of stuff you guys have in 2014 is there. I don’t know if you’re into Sci-fi, but Doctor Who and V had stuff about us that isn’t entirely a lie,” Kalika said.

“Doctor Who yes, V no. This girl asked me if I was Draconian when I said that I wasn’t cold. She accused me of being boring and said stuff about the desert,” Barry said. “Damnit…we’re not all boring. The entrance to our empire is in the Gobi desert and some of our descendants live there. The ones here seem boring because unlike humans, they were built to be productive, efficient and practical. Human emotion is a sign of weakness and not all of them get the concept of fun. I hated living there and my therapists and teachers made me angry. They can’t get rid of human emotion because my mother is human,” she grumbled.

“Wow.” It explained a lot and it was fascinating. “You’re still a kid and that’s a lot of pressure. Why do you have to be everyone’s savior? What does your sister have against helping? She could get a lot further than a group of kids,” Oliver said as he shook his head.

“I told her some of what we talked about before she went to bed, but she’s cynical, embarrassed and in denial. She’s so strong and powerful, but she’s being useless because she doesn’t want anyone knowing she’s related to the people making everyone around her feel neglected, miserable and vulnerable. I think she probably thinks there’s nothing she can do or she just lost every single ounce of idealism, free thought, vision and intellectual curiosity the rest of us have. I believe, even if she doesn’t,” Kalika said.

“I can tell.” It was big, even if it looked like an abandoned building. Barry was startled when Kalika pressed her hand onto the door. “I don’t need to use the code,” she explained. “Why? How will you get in?” he asked. “I asked nicely,” she said as she opened the door. After she shut it, she pulled out her key.

“Wow. You must have robbed some pretty important people if you have two sections,” Oliver said. “We didn’t rob them. We made the place explode and this was the portion that was left over. Why would anyone come back?” Kalika said as she opened the door.

“You asked nicely?” Barry was still baffled and it was too hard to process. “I can tell them what to do, even if they don’t have to do as I say. I understand them and they understand me. I can understand and learn all sorts of mechanical and technological things a few minutes after I’ve had access to them, connect with network mainframes, make guns misfire and cause electrical fires. When I met my parents, this nice lady told me that I’m a technopath. I thought I was a freak, but she said it’s just rare. Some people can only work with computers and digital stuff, but not me. I’m good with weapons and my dad lets me play with the robots when I’m bored,” Kalika explained.

“You all…you managed to develop AI that advanced?” Barry’s head had exploded and we wished Cisco would see and hear this. “Well, we are using alien technology. If I go back I’ll get caught, but I begged everyone and their roommate’s mother for help and keep trying to find adults who can back me up.  I know Johnny said not to talk to Lex, but he thinks I should knock my mother down a peg or two. She only cares about rich people, politics and things she deems good enough. My great-grandparents have no emotions and only care about things that affect progress or productivity. I’m kind of special,” Kalika said.

“Yes, you are. My friends would love to meet you,” Barry said as he grinned at her. He knew he liked her for a reason and she was a dork who wanted to be the impossible. “You have got to be careful. You may be special, but that’s not a good thing.” She was dangerous and Oliver didn’t like the fact that people either hated saying no or let her go off on her own.

“I know. Why do you think I’m living in poverty? I’m getting tired of everyone forgetting that I’m a person. Everyone keeps focusing on what I can do, how my thought pattern functions, what pissing me off does or how I can improve their life or interests. The machines don’t have to do as I say and they’ve refused or turned on me before. If I’m not around, that makes life harder for my family, doesn’t it?” It was painful, but Kalika knew what she was.

“I had a friend like you. She couldn’t even touch anyone without them burning and exploding. She just wanted to have a normal life and help, but we didn’t ask for these gifts. It’s why you yell, isn’t it?” It was probably cruel, but it was also a fascinating power. “I just want someone to take me seriously. No one’s listening to me even if I pointed out something that’s right here, everyone keeps saying that I’m crazy and if I’m not a crazy weirdo, I’m a boring know-it-all. That or I’m too bossy,” Kalika said with a sigh.

“You keep too many secrets,” Amara mumbled. “Oh, god…what happened? I’m sorry…I should have been there,” Kalika said as she rushed to her. “Why didn’t you answer? They didn’t speak English and I’m not good with knives,” she asked. “Viral and I got into a jam and had a serious crisis on our hands. It’s not a werewolf bite,” Kalika assured her.

“I will kick his ass. What the hell was so important? He knows we always go on patrol and no one else knows how to make bombs or add stuff into those gadgets,” Marcus said as he pulled out things from the first aid kit. “Where are we?” Amara asked as she struggled to get up. “My secret lair. Look, you can pretend that we’re normal kids, but Marcus and I don’t want to. I hate being here, I want to go home and your way is too human. I don’t feel like arguing and going on patrol is the only thing we can both do,” Kalika said as she pulled out a gadget.

“What is that?” Barry asked curiously. “I haven’t named it yet. It can contain a few compatible chemicals, compound mixtures or fluids and acts like a cocktail mixer. After we’re done, we can put it into capsules, use it as a serum or spray the combined materials onto the designated areas,” Kalika explained.

“Here. I think this may work…it did last time,” Marcus said as he poured a few vials into it. “How reassuring,” Amara said sarcastically. “Physician, heal thyself,” Kalika shot back. “You admire me for being a scientist, don’t you?” Barry didn’t mind and he was actually flattered. “Among other things. You naming yourself after your idol was awesome, but even if people called you crazy, you stuck to your guns. You weren’t even wrong, I just can’t warp reality and interfere with things by telling you the truth about your mom,” Kalika said.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll feel better once I find out for myself,” Barry said with a sigh. He probably did live in an alternate universe if Iris dated him on her own and there was a previous Flash.  “Who are they?” Marcus asked. “The result of Viral making Zamora angry. Guys, this is Marcus. Marcus, meet The Green Arrow and the fastest man in the city,” Kalika said. She shook the mixture and motioned for Marcus to get things from the cabinet.

“Bullshit,” Marcus snapped. “Actually…I’m the fastest man alive,” Barry said. “Oh, whatever. Everyone knows that I’m the fastest man in the city,” Marcus said irritably. “Well, now you’re not. You’ve never left the city, so technically, you have no way of knowing if someone else is faster. Face it: He’s cooler and cuter than you,” Kalika said cheerfully. She poured the liquid into a syringe and injected into Amara’s system.

“Whatever. He’s old and dresses like my grandpa,” Marcus muttered. Oliver was trying not to laugh, but he was amused. Barry looked embarrassed and the boy was obviously jealous. “You forgot to clean her wound. It needs changing,” he said as he grabbed some supplies. “Right. Duh,” Kalika said.

“Come on…you’re pushing yourself. Oliver knows how to fix people up and your friends will be here soon,” Barry said. He had never been called cute by anyone but Felicity and it was embarrassing, as well as surprising. Iris called him cute, but she didn’t mean it romantically.  

30 day challenge-Day 20: Bizzaro World, part 4
The next day, Kalika woke up early. She had skipped her patrol for Johnny’s sake and the issue with Barry and Oliver was serious. However, she wanted time to think and come up with solutions instead of yelling. She decided to do what she did best and practiced. On her way to the diner, she thought she heard footsteps. She moved faster, but still heard footsteps. She heard the guys, she just didn’t like feeling helpless.

She slowed down on purpose and when she felt a male scent nearby, she turned around, grabbed his arm and put him in a headlock.  “If I move my fingers in just the right places, you’d wind up having convulsions. If I’m lazy, I could just break your arm. Take your pick,” Kalika hissed.

“OW! It was just me. You seemed kind of…off. Plus, you were gone for awhile, no one could get in touch with you and you skipped patrol. Viral didn’t come home and Priyanka freaked out,” Lex protested.

“Oh. Why didn’t you say hi, dumbass? More importantly, why has your scent changed?” I was risky and she could have killed him. “For the same reason yours has? Your mother is a vindictive bitch and I don’t trust her or anyone else. If they find me, they’ll make my parents miserable,” Lex said as he pulled away from her.

“No, they won’t. They’re too busy letting the city go to hell and being selfish, superficial assholes that can’t even appreciate the awe, wonder and vastness of the world around them. No thought for their fellow man, what words can and cannot do and no planning on how to improve themselves as leaders,” Kalika said, a disgusted look on her face.

Lex knew that she was upset, but he couldn’t be serious. “Great. Yet another person who won’t take me seriously. Fuck you,” she snarled. “He’s fine. He’s sleeping in,” she added. “I’d take you seriously if you joined us. What the hell kind of leader are you?” he demanded.

“Look…there was a situation. Viral and I haven’t been spending as much time together since we got back. He’s in grade school and you, me and Astika are in middle school. He wanted to read comic books instead of plotting our next move and deciding when to strike first. He knew I was too wound up, so after we talked for a bit, he thought going to Bean Sidhe would help. I went to see Zamora and he did something so boneheaded that it caused the mother of all mistakes. I’m going to have to bust my ass trying to fix this. I was upset and I shouldn’t keep yelling, so I did what I do best. Hence the sweatiness,” she said with a sigh.

  “Sit down. I’m tired, too. We had a problem of our own and we couldn’t take down all of them. Amara got bitten,” Lex said. All of the color drained from Kalika’s face and she was overwhelmed with guilt. “Look, you know she’s always practical and level-headed, but they blind-sided her. It was almost as if they expected her to be there. They weren’t even speaking English. I know you said you had something happen, but we could have used you. Both of you, to be honest. Viral knows all about herbs, potions, poisons and sickness, right?”

Kalika could barely hear Lex talk. The more he said, the harder it became to breathe. She had failed. Her older sister needed her and she had failed. Her sister’s life was ruined and it was all because of one colossal fucking error. She heard noises in the background until finally, Lex’s voice snapped her out of it.

“HEY! Say something. Get ahold of yourself and stop being so emotional. It’s distasteful and useless, not to mention human. Does he know about poison?” Lex asked. Kalika nodded furiously and covered her mouth; she did this. “Look, I know how you feel, but you have got to focus. You ride our asses and push us just as much and we need you.  You’re angry, right? Do something about it and focus on what you can fix,” Lex said as he laced his hands on her shoulders.

“Was it a wolf?” she asked in a small voice. “That’s the thing…we’re not sure. I mean, werewolves are people most of the time. These guys…were weird. It’s more like they were talking wolves. They made fun of me and said all sorts of bullshit, but I don’t know what they want from me. I’m not human,” Lex said angrily.

“Okay…I think I can do this. We need to wake Viral up. Don’t feel bad-You didn’t know that you were being tested. I don’t think you were-I was. This is what happens when I try to have fun. I finally got what I wanted, I could have put my money where my mouth is and my sister’s either going to die or get her life ruined,” Kalika said as she took a breath.

“Unless we try, you don’t know that. I’m not thrilled that you weren’t around, but you said it was a big deal. You didn’t make a mistake, your dorky sidekick did. If you want to lead everyone, you need to learn to pin it on other people. He annoys me and if I were in his shoes, I’d never fail you. Even if you were being tested, you can’t give up. You want to be in charge, take everyone down, do something and make those creepy assholes leave us alone. You can and will have that because I’m not going to rest. I think the adults and their reputation speaks for itself. Look at what a bang-up job they’ve done so far,” Lex said sarcastically.

Kalika laughed despite herself and Lex smiled. “See? Smiling counts as fun and you’ll feel better once you’ve killed a few demons. I have no idea how you all did it. Bows and arrows are hard and there’s no way of knowing that the holy water will land on them. Nice job on the bombs, though-I could have had my arm eaten off otherwise,” Lex said as he poked her.

“You’re up awfully early,” Oliver said. He wasn’t going to say anything about her bag, but it was similar to his. “I don’t want to keep yelling. I needed to clear my head,” Kalika said with a sigh. “What are these?” Barry asked. “Be careful,” Kalika blurted out. She had sharpened them and didn’t want him to get hurt.

“You take gardening very seriously.” Barry wasn’t sure what the long one was, but there were a lot of sickles and scythes. “I do. When I was visiting my family, they showed me how to use those. Where exactly was that field?” Kalika asked.

“About ten miles that way. You know….past the border,” Lex said as he pointed north. “That’s undeveloped land. It’s not city property, it’s private,” Kalika said as she wiped sweat from her brow. “I can tell. He has dung on your feet and that’s not just grass,” Barry said as he made a face. Neither of them thought they’d see the kids and they were just going to discover their surroundings.

“Where is Amara? Is she okay?” Kalika asked. “She’s at home. I mean, we used a first aid kit and stuff, but who has money for hospital bills?” Lex asked. “Crap. She’s usually the one fixing everyone else up. Let’s just grab Starbucks,” she said as she got up.

“Don’t you have anything at your lair?” It was too hard to resist and it was obvious that they weren’t going to ask for help. “Why the hell would she have a lair? What’s the sense in that?” Lex said as he rolled his eyes. “It’s not that far from Sucker’s. I figured having it near Johnny’s garage would be safe and if something went wrong, he’d have an extra set of keys. The door has a code, but you can never be too careful,” Kalika said.

“Seriously?” Lex was startled and it seemed cheesy. “Where do you think I was? Look, Adam hasn’t told on me, I had 72 hours as an adult and well…details aren’t important,” Kalika said as she formed a nervous laugh.

“Go get her sister. I’m sure she has something or the other,” Oliver suggested. “Call Kaya-I doubt she’s up. Her shift ended around 2 a.m. He’ll get up, but you need to ask Astika to bring his entire stash,” Kalika said. “I’ll go get him and Marcus and Lara can grab Amara,” Lex suggested. “Are you serious? My family hates you and Johnny said he’ll break your nose if he sees you again,” Kalika said. “Fine-Lara can do it. Marcus is more useful,” Lex said with a sigh. “I’ll make someone play lookout,” Kalika said as she nodded in his direction.

30 day challenge-Day 20: Bizzaro World, part 3
Meanwhile, Kalika and Viral had left Bean Sidhe. “How do you know Zamora?” Viral asked. “She saved me once when I had a breakdown,” Kalika explained. “Oh, shit. Why? When?” Viral asked. “A few weeks from now. It got fixed, though. Lex was scared and so was Linda. It’s a side effect of knowing how this usually plays out and keeping secrets,” Kalika said with a sigh.

“You can tell me. I am starting to remember some of it and I’m amazed that you have your sanity. I mean, this isn’t fun like Doctor Who,” Viral said. “Yeah, right. Do you have any idea how hard it would be to make a time machine that large? I mean, what does it even run on? Dilithium crystals? Meteorites? Asteroid remains? It can’t be regular fuel because it’s an alien craft. Gallifrey is obviously far beyond the Milky Way. We don’t even know how many AU’s it is. Plus, the parts are super advanced and expensive. I love that show, but he’s irresponsible and kind of naïve. I also don’t like how he portrays my people. Sometimes, it’s downright silly. The devil isn’t an ancient alien,” Kalika said.

“No, he’s not. Those are really good questions, though. I wonder how advanced they are,” Barry said. She was a cute kid, but he didn’t like her clothes. She looked a lot older and boys would think she was a teenager. “Hi, Johnny-Who’s your friend? Did you tell this guy how to get around? I’d send him to the chamber of commerce, but I don’t trust them anymore. They’ll probably try to trick him into wasting his money on banal, useless places that aren’t worth taking back,” Kalika asked.

“Yeah, Johnny. Did he have cactus fries?” Viral joked. “Don’t call him Johnny,” Kalika snapped. Only she got to and it pissed her off. “Okay, okay. It’s just that you do it all the time,” Viral said. “I know her, which is why I went up to you all. I still don’t know why you were by yourselves,” Fell said.

“It’s a tale,” Kalika said. “Tell me later. Where the hell have you been? Kaya’s been worried sick and you know it’s not safe,” Fell said angrily. “How long were we gone? We just went to Bean Sidhe for a bit,” Viral asked as he raised an eyebrow. “I ran into to you two three hours ago,” Oliver said. The kid needed a watch and he was too little to be out and about.

“Damnit. Stupid Troll market,” Viral muttered. “Watch your mouth,” Kalika snapped. “Why were you there? Aren’t Trolls supposed to be dangerous?” It was unreal, but Barry decided to suspend his disbelief. “Not if you have money or things to barter with. Everyone’s rude to them because they don’t have big hair and they’re not friendly, but they need the money. We went to go see someone and he doesn’t get to swear at her. Bean Sidhe is the oldest part of town and when my grandpere created this city, they were already living here. Think Native Americans, but no one makes them live in a reservation,” Kalika explained.

“This is Barry and this is Oliver. They have no clue how they got here and I want to know how a normal wound up here,” Fell said. “What’d you pay for?” he added suspiciously. “Information and the kind of services only my associate can provide. She saved me once, so I know she’s legit. He’s green, so of course he didn’t believe her. She doesn’t have to tell him if his stupid comic book is worth money in the future. If she wanted it s payment, she just did. It’s nice to meet you. Can you tell me what happened?” Kalika asked.

“I was out and I saw someone strange. I went to go check them out and before I knew it, they knocked me out. Barry got knocked out, too. What do you mean by portals?” Oliver asked. He was amused and she talked like an adult. Kids didn’t have associates and she wasted money on a psychic.

“How do they run? Is it an energy rift? Is it a hole in the time-space continuum? Is it visible if you look with tools?” It was impossible not to ask and Barry was curious. “I always wondered that, but I don’t know if there are tools. I may make them when I’m an adult. They are energy rifts and they used to be risky and dangerous, but not anymore. It’s not a hole as much as an open pocket of inter-dimensional energy. If you know where to go you can find the vortex hot spots, but as far as the rifts go, it’s kind of like the cabinet in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We turned back into children 72 hours after we came back,” Kalika said, a dour look on her face.

“Well, that explains that. Let it go-You can’t just wander off without telling us. No wonder you were gone for so long. We thought you got kidnapped or worse,” Fell said as he scolded her. “I’m kind of willing to let that go. It changes your age and it can be accessed through specific things,” Barry said.

“It’s how it became safer. When Kaya got here, it was the 80’s. You’re lucky you wound up here, you know. When my aunt wandered in by accident, she wound up in 600 A.D. Then again, she was a teenager in the 60’s or 70’s,” Kalika said as she paused to think.

“Why wouldn’t any of us know about it? We’ve never had any missing reports like this.” It was still dangerous and Oliver wasn’t fascinated. “Well, I don’t know about Central City. That particle accelerator could have done a lot of things. I don’t see why it would affect Starling, though.” Oliver was the variable and it threw Barry off.

“Wait, did you say Starling?” Kalika was shocked and Zamora really was full of surprises. “No way…” Viral’s mind was blown and he got why the old woman wanted the comic now. “I’m skeptical, too. How far away is this place?” Oliver asked. It was cold and he was freezing.

“Don’t laugh,” Kalika said sternly. “I won’t and this is serious,” Oliver assured her. “I make no promises,” Fell joked. “Ignore him, kiddo. I’m listening,” Barry said. “I always thought he was blonde. I’m really sorry, but Zamora is full of surprises and I didn’t think this was the result. This…is an inter-dimensional location. I’m sorry I snapped at you, Viral. It wasn’t a bad question and now I’m wondering if Batman and Superman would have shown up,” Kalika asked as she scratched her head. It was a really strange wish and she hadn’t made it.

Fell cracked up, but Oliver wasn’t amused. She needed to be serious and he wanted to go home. “Holy crap. A parallel universe?” It was amazing, even if Barry wanted to know how it affected them. “Can we eat? I know it sounds dumb, but I can explain it easily with things like salt shakers,” Kalika asked.

“Of course.  Barry, have you eaten?” Fell asked. “No, I was on my way to my local coffee shop. Can you pick a place where Oliver and I don’t have to smell blood?” It was gross and Barry doubted there were humans there. “I know a place,” Fell said. It was old-fashioned, but he knew the owner.

“Wow. This place is nice.  Cela me rappelle l'endroit où nous nous sommes rencontrés. Comment était-ce de nouveau appelé?” Kalika asked. It was cozy and romantic; she hoped Kaya had been here. “Belvedere’s.  Il est un hôtel ennuyeux maintenant et ils ont des espaces de bureaux à louer.” He said as he shook his head. Kalika shuddered; it was a travesty.

“Fine, don’t tell me. Explain it to them,” Viral muttered. “You know what I like,” Kalika said. “Sure do. I have to ask them a question about the list,” Fell said. “Okay, so first of all, I have to apologize. I would never, ever do something that’s this irresponsible or unprofessional. It’s just not right,” Kalika said apologetically.

“Unprofessional?” It was impossible not to laugh and she wasn’t a professional anything. “Yes and I’m sorry. I can assure you, this isn’t how I operate. This is entirely Viral’s fault and you’re going to apologize. You see what you did? I swear to god, if Zamora doesn’t save me next time I’m in trouble, I will shove your entire comic book collection down your throat until your esophagus shuts down,” Kalika said before she smacked him upside the head.

“Wait, wait…you guys did this?” Barry was confused and comic books were harmless. “No, he did. Say sorry for making me look bad,” Kalika barked. “I’m really sorry. It’s so trippy and I didn’t even make a wish. That woman is weird and she should have answered my question. I think you owed her money and she knew that it would be worth a lot of money in 30 years,” Viral grumbled.

“Will you shut up about the stupid book? If she didn’t want money, she didn’t want money. See, this is why we don’t take you with us when we go places. It’s not because you’re a baby, it’s because you’re an idiot. You don’t question her, you give her what she asks and she makes the impossible possible. I don’t think this was about a wish. I mean, they’re taking kids for the harvest and we can’t figure out who’s making mystery meat,” Kalika said as she glared at him.

“Why can’t you just trust the adults? Is it because of your sister?” Oliver was looking at it the wrong way and Barry felt bad for her. She was too smart for her age, she kept flying over everyone’s head and it had to be frustrating. “She’s selfish, she doesn’t care what happens to anyone and she could be doing something, but she’s not. It’s different here and if you all were in this world, you could do so much. I know for a fact that some of the cops and security guards are ex-cons. People take bribes and no one’s lifted a finger about the missing people. It’s not even that-It’s so dangerous here and I told everyone that they escaped from the asylum. I saw those bodies, damnit. I’m not crazy, they have a pattern, and a shared profile and they left clues. They’re untouchable because they have the right people in their pocket,” Kalika said quietly.

“I’m sorry. That is scary and he should yell at her, but you can’t make Fell worry. He’s not selfish and you care about him,” Oliver said with a sigh. He would have more to do here, but Starling would always have enough crime to keep him busy.

“Scary? Oliver, did you just hear her? She witnessed a murder, for god’s sake! She should be scared and they probably want to shut her up,” Barry said. He was freaked out and no one would care about killing a child. “No one else knows what he looks like and he already set the house on fire. I do care what Johnny thinks, but I don’t get why Kaya doesn’t take it seriously. Every rich person who isn’t satisfied or liked the way things were before will hide him, he can help them scratch an itch and that girl was ten. I don’t want to read comic books and I can’t believe I let you waste my time. Now theirs is being wasted,” Kalika grumbled.

“What?” Fell had only heard the last part and he was shocked. “I’m sorry. It’s just that Kaya isn’t necessarily wrong about it being embarrassing. My mom isn’t paying attention, he doesn’t have boundaries and she gave me away because she thought he might have been my father,” Kalika said with a sigh.

“EW!” Fell wasn’t judging her, but it was disgusting. “You’re not wasting time if we’re eating. You’re right and you probably would feel safer if someone like me was around. You need therapy, though. If he doesn’t care that you’re his niece, you’ll wind up like that girl,” Barry said. It wasn’t as if it had been days and he didn’t mind listening.

“He’s right and I’m not hearing excuses anymore. I didn’t know about this part and we’ll find someone who isn’t human,” Fell said sternly. “They should wear sunglasses,” Viral joked. “Oh, fuck you. Don’t bring that up around strangers,” Kalika said angrily. “It’s okay, kiddo. I heard things and I’m blaming your stupid parents, not you. Next time you feel like squeezing someone, I’m coming with you. I don’t care how special you are, you’re not invincible. He’s a grown man, he’s already tried to kill you all and he’s a creepy pervert,” Fell said as he squeezed her hand.

“Why do you think this is your fault? There has to be an explanation,” Barry said. He wanted to inspect the place where they were to see if there was anything worth noting. “Oh, there is…you’re just not going to believe me,” Kalika said. “I’m having dinner with a vampire in 2001 and a kid who can travel in time. Try me,” Oliver joked. He wasn’t going to scream, he just wanted to go home.

“Do you have another one on you?” Kalika asked. “No, just that one. I can get more,” Viral asked. “Why do you keep bringing up comic books? I don’t think that thinking about superheroes will automatically make me and Oliver pop up,” Barry pointed out.

“Johnny, his name is Barry Allen and he’s from Central City. Oliver’s full name is Oliver Queen from Starling city. He’s in love with Laurel Lance,” Kalika said as she gave him a knowing look. “Actually, we didn’t get back together. I’m not with anyone,” Oliver said. He had no idea that they knew about his love life and it was awkward.

“Wait, what? Why? Don’t you love her anymore? You both are epic,” Kalika said. She was upset and it wasn’t right. “Didn’t she find out that she couldn’t have kids? That has got to suck. Plus, he’s the man-He can have anyone and does. Screw Laurel-He has plenty of girls to pick from,” Viral said as he rolled his eyes.

“Ok, stop. Laurel has a lot going on and she wouldn’t tell me if it happened. Also, I’m not like that anymore. We just don’t love each other anymore and I don’t get why you know so much about me,” Oliver said. “Are you still a team, though? I love her sonic scream. I always kind of hoped that my boyfriend would be my emerald archer and I’d be like the Black Canary. I could always use a voice modulator,” Kalika said, a disappointed look on her face.

Oliver dropped his jaw and gazed at her in disbelief; she knew about Sara. “Oh, wow…that came out wrong. You’re cute, but I didn’t mean that in a romantic way. It’s just that you two are such an effective team and both Marcus and I know how to use bows and arrows. Laurel and Helena are awesome, although I don’t like the original. Helena Bertelli freaked me out. That bitch had problems and she could have just cut his brakes or something. Plus, Iris can’t help Barry the way Laurel helps you,” Kalika said.

“Yeah, but Lois Lane is a reporter. She does stuff,” Viral said. “Ok, he’s right and this is weird. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but Iris doesn’t see me that way. I have to protect her and I want her to stop trying to help me,” Barry said. “If you tell me what this is about, you can have half a glass of wine. Their names are familiar, but it can’t be what I’m thinking,” Fell said.

“I know, but it is. The Green Arrow normally has blonde hair, but maybe he dyed it. I’m confused as to why Iris doesn’t see him that way, but it’s entirely possible that they’re from an alternate verse. I don’t know which of them I can identify with more, but I picked Superman, Green Arrow, The Flash and Batman. If Bruce Wayne and Kal-El are here, I’ll faint,” Kalika said.

“Holy…” Barry didn’t want to believe it, but she knew a name Iris has just picked for him. “Only you, kiddo. Only you,” Fell joked. “This is Viral’s fault, not mine. I was stressing about the situation and he wasn’t going to have playtime in peace. We went to Bean Sidhe and I thought Zamora would help him remember some stuff and explain things to him. Instead, he screwed it up and thought about how much money that damn comic book was worth. I’m going to have to kiss her ass and probably steal something next time,” Kalika said defensively.

“I said sorry! I’ll steal it, just stop yelling. She made me nervous,” Viral said. “I’m not mocking you,” Fell insisted. “We’re not mad, we’re just confused and kind of scared. You don’t need to yell at him,” Barry said with a sigh. It wasn’t fair and kids said and did stupid things all the time.

Kalika relished dinner; she got to have wine. “Why didn’t you order your food?” Viral asked. “Don’t be stupid-A man always orders for the lady. Anything else just isn’t right,” Fell said. “Oh. You’re not psychic, though. How do you know what she wants?” Viral was confused and didn’t get it.

“Oh, god…” It was hilarious and Viral missed the point. “It doesn’t matter. Even if I told him, he’s still going to order. He’s the guy, it’s classy and no one does it anymore. You don’t have to, but Johnny’s always been all man,” Kalika said with a smile. She remembered it fondly and he had brought her this exact same bottle of wine.
“Don’t worry about it, kiddo. I doubt girls these days will get it. This one’s an old soul and I already know what she likes,” Fell said as he waved a hand. “Is that why it’s so boring or is this a French thing?” Viral asked.

“It’s not boring, it’s a delicacy and yes, it’s a snobby French people thing. Everyone always eats it for Sunday dinner and I don’t eat ordinary food at such a nice place. Also, if you’re going to drink a vintage from the 1800’s, it has to go with the right meat. Don’t worry about it-You will seriously never be able to afford a place this expensive,” Kalika assured him.

“Do you get along with other kids?” Barry asked curiously. She was too serious and mature for a kid and it was odd. “Well…kind of. I hate my new school, but we have to hide. A lot of them are really, really boring and kind of dumb. I can’t afford video games anymore,” Kalika said with a sigh.

“They’re not boring, they’re just human. Humans don’t like it when you fix their pipes, point out errors in things and no one reads footnotes or the manual for the slide machine,” Fell said as he scolded her.

“Why not? I was just trying to be helpful and productive. It’s not as if fixing it is hard and I don’t mind doing it for free. The books are too easy and I’m bored, so how do you know that the sources they made things from aren’t more interesting? The slide machine is irritating and over ten years old. If I didn’t read the manual, no one else would have been able to fix the lighting issues,” Kalika grumbled.

“You can fix things for me as much as you want,” Oliver joked. He didn’t see what being human had to do with anything and it was free labor. She was strange, but she was probably just that bored. “Really? YAY! I couldn’t help but notice that the coating on your arrows is a little uneven. Also, the ends aren’t as sharp as they could be for optimal results. I know this really good mixture that causes dizziness if you coat it on properly. It can last longer if you use a varnish to lock it in. Also, a nail file or sandpaper can sharpen things without wasting a lot of money,” Kalika said excitedly.

“I was joking, but sure.” Oliver’s head hurt and he had never bothered noticing such small details. She was probably right, but he usually just replaced them. “That’s so cute! My friends talk like you do, but they’re adults. It is boring and annoying when stuff doesn’t work properly, makes no sense or it’s too easy. If you find people who ride bikes or like archery, maybe you won’t be bored.” She was adorable and Barry wasn’t annoyed. It was funny that she thought manuals were entertaining, but Margarita had mentioned something about hot-blooded people.

“They should stay at Bertelli’s. They can get comped,” Kalika said. “No they can’t! Why would they stay for free?” Viral demanded. “I said so,” Kalika said. “I don’t get it. Mrs. B doesn’t own anything here,” Viral said. “I said so,” Kalika said as she narrowed her eyes.

“No, no…don’t bug your pop. They can crash at my place. Kaya’s doing her damn job and you need to tell her what you told me,” Fell said. “Okay, but if they need anything, just mention it,” Kalika said. “Trust me…it’s fine,” Fell said as he formed a nervous laugh.

“You’re telling me later,” Viral muttered. “So there’s an actual city here? It’s not just a shopping plaza?” Barry was amazed and it was gorgeous. “It’s based off the human one in Montreal and grandpere just loved the idea. See, vampires and other races can’t always handle sunlight. There’s a college at one of the stops and there are some private schools, too. People will pay extra because they don’t even have to leave this place if they don’t want to. Sucker’s is just a hot spot because it’s always fresh and new,” Kalika explained.

“Damn right. I swear, kids today listen to the stupidest stuff. She keeps top shelf, but when they have those brats wailing and breaking stuff, my ears bleed,” Fell said as he made a face. “Then what else is there?” Viral couldn’t imagine anything else and he loved rock. “Lots of stuff. Every kind of Jazz known to man, folk, swing, Sinatra, classical, Zydeco…they had good music in the 20’s, 40’s and 60’s,” Kalika pointed out.

“No one was all over each other, either. Ladies were ladies, not strippers. Don’t you ever dance like that. I don’t care if Kaya says I’m being sexist, it makes guys think things,” Fell said sternly. “Then how else will I steal their money?” Kalika joked. “You’ll think of something,” he said as he scuffed her head.

“I think so, too. I don’t mind twerking, I just can’t dance. You wear clothes that make you look older and guys will think things,” Barry pointed out. “Well, I’m in 7th grade. I don’t want them to know that I’m eleven. I was in 6th grade at my old school, but when I joined public school, I tested too high. My ex can’t go to high school and he’s just as bored. How else should I dress?” Kalika asked.

“Wow.” She really was smart and probably did whatever she wanted because she hung around teenagers. “Ugh…they should shove the little brat in high school. All the asinine things he does will make him normal. I’m serious-Don’t make them think things. If I see that kid anywhere near the house, I’ll break his nose. Look, I know I’m a guy, but if you’re that scared to ask for help or money, I’ve got your back,” Fell assured her.

“This is our stop?” Barry was shocked and there were entire streets ahead of them. “Yeah, it is. It’s a gated community, so I need my keycard. These two can go under Kaya’s name,” Fell said. “Those are nice. If I still had my company, I’d consider doing it with our train stations,” Oliver said. “Oh. Did Tommy Merlyn already steal it from you? They should pay you more for saving people,” Viral said.

Oliver blinked; he really needed to see where the kids were getting their information. After they went in, he was amazed at how large it was. “If you’re wondering about cars, we keep them in garages. We don’t pay by day, we pay by month. Kaya’s place is near mine, which is how we met,” Fell said as they headed to his place. “Grab your stuff. You can do whatever you want tomorrow since it’s Saturday, just don’t be stupid about it,” Fell said.

“We won’t. Things cannot possibly be more stupid than they already are. I trusted the wrong brother,” Kalika muttered. She should have confided in Astika and she ignored the hurt look on Viral’s face. He had fucked up and she didn’t trust him right now. “Ok, I’m good. Keys?” she asked. “Here. I know you’re not a baby, but he is. Don’t marathon,” Fell said. “I won’t. I have homework and then he has his, so I’ll have stuff to do tonight. Also, I noticed that some of the local officials haven’t paid their taxes in almost five years,” Kalika assured him.

“Happy hacking. You’re off to a good start,” Oliver said with a smile. She was like a little Felicity and she would have liked her. “Thanks. ‘Night Johnny,” she said before they left. Once they did, Barry raised an eyebrow. “She’s not dumb and believe it or not, she knows her limits. It’s a little hard for her, hiding like this. Plus, being back here after three months is probably different. I trust her not to watch garbage,” Fell said.

“Who is she? Why can I get whatever I want if I mention her last name?” Barry asked. He had a bad feeling in his gut and people gut shut up when it was bad. “He’s not her real father, but Lucius Bako took her in when she was four. She got left outside during a snowstorm, so no one told them not to keep her. His name…tends to inspire strong emotions. He’s friends with the guy who owns Bertelli’s,” Fell said.

“Does Don have a bad ring to it?” It explained a lot and she was extremely blasé. “It’s not really his style, to be honest. Most people have really stupid fronts, but his wife has a big business and they own a Barnes and Noble. He did his best to shield her, but he has three boys. They’re not always that bright when it comes to being an influence,” Fell said.

“Is that her?” The resemblance was remarkable, even if her hair was different. “Yeah, it is. We took that right after we got engaged. She wasn’t like this at all. She was a charmer, she liked to dance and she joked around a lot. If anyone can pull off a long con, it was Viv. She pissed off the wrong people, but when you do what she and I did, it’s bound to happen at some point,” Fell said with a sigh. He loved her, but the girl he took care of wasn’t his Vivian.

“No…I can believe that. She obviously knows what’s what and kept saying things like “unprofessional” and “associates.”. Isn’t it weird for you, though? I mean, you almost married her.” Oliver wouldn’t have been able to handle it and it wasn’t as if there was no trace left.

“You know, I thought it would? We talked about it and she told me why she ran off on me, but the way I see it, that little girl isn’t that girl I met in Manhattan. She has trouble grasping really basic stuff about humans, she doesn’t know what does and doesn’t count as appropriate behavior and she needs me. Vivian didn’t need anyone, let alone a man. She could hold her scotch, paid for her own things and always had a gun on her. She didn’t want or need to get married and have kids; I just wound up being an exception. It’s for the best, though. I always had this weird feeling that maybe she was colored, she was just hiding it. I didn’t necessarily care, but it was the 20’s and I wouldn’t have married her,” Fell said as he formed a nostalgic smile.

“Don’t let her manipulate you,” Barry said. It was obvious and someone needed to be an adult. “What? No, no…I don’t spoil her. I just don’t talk down to her like everyone else does,” fell said. “She manipulated you left and right. I don’t speak French, but she was obviously talking about the past. That whole line about how you’re all man? Come on…you didn’t notice?” It wasn’t right and she was flirting on some level.

“She was just joking. We joke, Kaya just doesn’t get it half the time. I guess no one says later gator anymore,” Fell said defensively. “That’s my point. She brings up the past in French, she made flirty, cryptic remarks and told that poor kid not to call her Johnny by his first name. She knows she can make excuses, do whatever she wants and get you on her side. It’s really sneaky, but you already know she’s a con artist. If it makes you feel any better, I would have probably been twice as bad,” Barry said. She was gorgeous as an adult and it was probably hard to face reality.

“Damnit…you’re right. We’re having a conversation, but when we’re by ourselves, she’s honest. She tells me what she won’t tell the others, I can usually give her advice and I notice when something’s wrong more than Kaya does. I really think she can do a good job and she really does have a reason to hide her identity. She’s a lot more ethical and cares about people more than those crazy weirdoes. She just wants someone to listen or want her around,” Fell said with a sigh. It was hard not to follow old habits and it probably went both ways.

“Why? She’s not that bad, she just doesn’t have anything to do and she’s smarter than kids her age. She shouldn’t be living with her ex, she should be with her family. If I lived here, I would have called the cops,” Barry said bluntly.

“Like that would do any good. She’d get told that she’s in the system, but they wouldn’t check whomever she goes to. If she goes to anyone, that is. She’s pretty and she’s smart. She’s probably worth a lot of money,” Fell said with a shrug.

“Are you serious? It’s that easy to get to them? It’s all the more reason to watch her, but the cops should care,” Barry said. “Not necessarily. It’s gross, but he’s right. The mob probably would sell her for a lot of money. A lot of the people my parents worked with got away with horrible things. Hurting kids this easily is scary, but she must be hiding in a poor neighborhood. They won’t know the difference,” Oliver said with a sigh. His life was probably fascinating and made them feel like they could be safe, but he wasn’t trying to be anyone’s idol.

“I wish she’d talk to me, but all she said was that the people she pissed off are still alive. They know people and they’re not just looking for her. That guy is a sick fuck and I’m willing to bet that he’s probably the one buying the kids. She said he collects pretty people, places and things. Kaya didn’t want to talk about it, but I’m looking him up. I don’t know what she stole, but I think he’d come after her either way. I’m not stupid and I’ve heard her wake up in the middle of the night. She tells me sometimes, but other times, she says it’s not important,” Fell said.

30 day challenge-Day 20: Bizzaro World, part 2
Barry was on his way to Jitters when he saw a shadow fly past him. He chased after it, but once he caught up with it, he wished he hadn’t. It began to swirl around him the way that the red and yellow man was around his mother. Before he knew it, everything had gone black.

Once Barry woke up, he was extremely confused. He was in the train station and had no idea how he got there. He didn’t even know what part of town he was in. He didn’t recognize his surroundings and the area around the train station wasn’t this swanky.

“Aren’t you a little underdressed?” a girl asked. “No, not really. I don’t feel cold,” Barry said as he raised an eyebrow. Her clothes were weird, but she was probably Goth.  “Where am I?” he asked.

“You’re not cold? Are you Draconian? I heard you all came from a really hot climate,” the girl asked curiously. “Wait, what? You’re bringing up the government in Ancient Greek, but all you care about is the weather?” Barry was baffled, even if he was amused that he met a random, hot girl who was this smart. She was probably a college student, but it was still nice.

            “You’re not so bad yourself, handsome. I’m not talking about the weather, but that’s my mistake. I should have realized that you’re human. No Draconian worth their salt has such a low mental guard. You seriously don’t know where you are?” she asked.

            “Human?” Barry was officially nervous and there weren’t supposed to be this many metahumans around. “Oh, sorry-Do you have powers?” she asked. “Yeah, but it’s a secret. We’re not supposed to just tell people,” he whispered. When the girl started laughing, he was embarrassed. It wasn’t funny and he was cautious about his gifts.

            “Oh, you poor baby. This so cute! Can I take a picture with you?” she asked. “If it gets me an answer,” Barry said. It wasn’t funny and he didn’t want to be part of some metahuman secret society. He smiled nervously and when they were done, he looked at her expectantly. “Sweetie, there are no humans here. Well, normal ones. Unless they’re supposed to be, they can’t even find this place. You’re home now and you can run free,” she said cheerfully.

“I don’t want to, though. This is dangerous, we haven’t had our abilities for long and even if some of you can control yours, we shouldn’t try and form our own secret place. The government can and will find us. Trust me…I saw them kill someone,” Barry said as he shook his head.

“Where? What the fuck? They shouldn’t have been able to get past the official buildings without a visa. Come here,” she said before she pulled him aside. “I didn’t want to say anything before, but these are dangerous times. If they’re all so busy arguing that they let the human government in here, we’re fucked. I cannot fucking believe them. First they’re letting those people steal the kids and eat the homeless, now this? You take me to that body-We should have started a riot sooner,” the girl said angrily.

Barry was speechless and had no idea where to begin or what to say. He didn’t know what to ask about: humans having their own government, children being kidnapped so often or a psycho eating people. “Come on…I know who you can come to,” the girl said. Barry didn’t say anything, he just followed her wordlessly. When they got to a bar, he looked around. Some of the patrons were strange-looking and he smelled blood, but it was probably his imagination.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” a guy asked. “I didn’t say anything,” Barry said, a confused look on his face. “He saw someone get murdered. The human government did it. He doesn’t know where he is, nor does he have a clue,” the girl said.

“Thanks Marguerite. Hey, have you seen the kids? I haven’t been able to get ahold of them,” the bartender said.  “Actually…I saw them earlier. Before I met this one, actually. They were headed towards the Troll market. I swear, that kid is adorable, not to mention smart. How the hell does she know more about self-defense and the goings on than you do? You’re a grown woman,” Margarita said.

“Oh, shut up…she’s not smarter and more mature,” the woman said. “What’s your name? You don’t think she got kidnapped, do you? I’m telling you…we can’t just go around broadcasting what we do. What if they grabbed ahold of them?” It was the worst possible idea and Marguerite had just proved his point.

“It’s Kaya and that’s not funny,” she said angrily. “Honey, he’s got a point. Our girl, she’s not invincible. She thinks knows more than the rest of us, doesn’t feel like being a kid and she’s already gotten in trouble for getting into fights. How much do you want to bet that she went looking for knives and things that shouldn’t even be in the country?” a guy joked.

“That’s not funny. I’d really, really like to know where I am. I know it’s not as important as a missing little girl, but if you tell me where I am, I’ll help you look for her,” Barry snapped. The guy was an asshole and kids being in shady neighborhoods were asking for trouble.

“I’d like to know the same thing,” a familiar voice asked. “Oliver?” Barry was extremely confused, even if he was glad that he wasn’t alone. “I have no idea where I am, either. Was she with a skinny kid?” Oliver asked. “Yes, she was. Please tell me they were in a well-lit area,” Kaya asked nervously.

“No, she wasn’t. She told me that I should take a cab here because everybody will know my name, but I should have known she was joking,” Oliver said with a sigh. “Was she headed there or was she just already there?” the guy asked. “She was headed towards some tent. I tried to tell her that she shouldn’t play around such weird-looking people, but she got upset. She said the strangest things, but if I’m going on what she said, you’re Wikipedia. That and some guy named Fell is swell and knows where I can get better arrows,” Oliver said. His head hurt and he wondered how the girl even knew.

“What the hell is Wikipedia?” Marguerite and Fell were baffled and Kaya placed her face in her palms; she didn’t want to know. “Ok, I’m going to ask a weird question, so don’t laugh. What year is it?” Barry asked cautiously. Margaritas had a smartphone, so he didn’t question it. “2001. What else is it supposed to be?” Marguerite said.

“Don’t,” Fell and Kaya said at the same time. “I need your help,” a girl asked as she motioned for
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Barry was on his way to Jitters when he saw a shadow fly past him. He chased after it, but once he caught up with it, he wished he hadn&rsquo;t. It began to swirl around him the way that the red and yellow man was around his mother. Before he knew it, everything had gone black.

Once Barry woke up, he was extremely confused. He was in the train station and had no idea how he got there. He didn&rsquo;t even know what part of town he was in. He didn&rsquo;t recognize his surroundings and the area around the train station wasn&rsquo;t this swanky.

&ldquo;Aren&rsquo;t you a little underdressed?&rdquo; a girl asked. &ldquo;No, not really. I don&rsquo;t feel cold,&rdquo; Barry said as he raised an eyebrow. Her clothes were weird, but she was&nbsp;probably Goth.&nbsp; &ldquo;Where am I?&rdquo; he asked.

&ldquo;You&rsquo;re not cold? Are you Draconian? I heard you all came from a really hot climate,&rdquo; the girl asked curiously. &ldquo;Wait, what? You&rsquo;re bringing up the government in Ancient Greek, but all you care about is the weather?&rdquo; Barry was baffled, even if he was amused that he met a random, hot girl who was this smart. She was probably a college student, but it was still nice.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &ldquo;You&rsquo;re not so bad yourself, handsome. I&rsquo;m not talking about the weather, but that&rsquo;s my mistake. I should have realized that you&rsquo;re human. No Draconian worth their salt has such a low mental guard. You seriously don&rsquo;t know where you are?&rdquo; she asked.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &ldquo;Human?&rdquo; Barry was officially nervous and there weren&rsquo;t supposed to be this many metahumans around. &ldquo;Oh, sorry-Do you have powers?&rdquo; she asked. &ldquo;Yeah, but it&rsquo;s a secret. We&rsquo;re not supposed to just tell people,&rdquo; he whispered. When the girl started laughing, he was embarrassed. It wasn&rsquo;t funny and he was cautious about his gifts.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &ldquo;Oh, you poor baby. This so cute! Can I take a picture with you?&rdquo; she asked. &ldquo;If it gets me an answer,&rdquo; Barry said. It wasn&rsquo;t funny and he didn&rsquo;t want to be part of some metahuman secret society. He smiled nervously and when they were done, he looked at her expectantly. &ldquo;Sweetie, there are no humans here. Well, normal ones. Unless they&rsquo;re supposed to be, they can&rsquo;t even find this place. You&rsquo;re home now and you can run free,&rdquo; she said cheerfully.

&ldquo;I don&rsquo;t want to, though. This is dangerous, we haven&rsquo;t had our abilities for long and even if some of you can control yours, we shouldn&rsquo;t try and form our own secret place. The government can and will find us. Trust me&hellip;I saw them kill someone,&rdquo; Barry said as he shook his head.

&ldquo;Where? What the fuck? They shouldn&rsquo;t have been able to get past the official buildings without a visa. Come here,&rdquo; she said before she pulled him aside. &ldquo;I didn&rsquo;t want to say anything before, but these are dangerous times. If they&rsquo;re all so busy arguing that they let the human government in here, we&rsquo;re fucked. I cannot fucking believe them. First they&rsquo;re letting those people steal the kids and eat the homeless, now this? You take me to that body-We should have started a riot sooner,&rdquo; the girl said angrily.

Barry was speechless and had no idea where to begin or what to say. He didn&rsquo;t know what to ask about: humans having their own government, children being kidnapped so often or a psycho eating people. &ldquo;Come on&hellip;I know who you can come to,&rdquo; the girl said. Barry didn&rsquo;t say anything, he just followed her wordlessly. When they got to a bar, he looked around. Some of the patrons were strange-looking and he smelled blood, but it was probably his imagination.

&ldquo;What the hell is that supposed to mean?&rdquo; a guy asked. &ldquo;I didn&rsquo;t say anything,&rdquo; Barry said, a confused look on his face. &ldquo;He saw someone get murdered. The human government did it. He doesn&rsquo;t know where he is, nor does he have a clue,&rdquo; the girl said.

&ldquo;Thanks Marguerite. Hey, have you seen the kids? I haven&rsquo;t been able to get ahold of them,&rdquo; the bartender said.&nbsp; &ldquo;Actually&hellip;I saw them earlier. Before I met this one, actually. They were headed towards the Troll market. I swear, that kid is adorable, not to mention smart. How the hell does she know more about self-defense and the goings on than you do? You&rsquo;re a grown woman,&rdquo; Margarita said.

&ldquo;Oh, shut up&hellip;she&rsquo;s not smarter and more mature,&rdquo; the woman said. &ldquo;What&rsquo;s your name? You don&rsquo;t think she got kidnapped, do you? I&rsquo;m telling you&hellip;we can&rsquo;t just go around broadcasting what we do. What if they grabbed ahold of them?&rdquo; It was the worst possible idea and Marguerite had just proved his point.

&ldquo;It&rsquo;s Kaya and that&rsquo;s not funny,&rdquo; she said angrily. &ldquo;Honey, he&rsquo;s got a point. Our girl, she&rsquo;s not invincible. She thinks knows more than the rest of us, doesn&rsquo;t feel like being a kid and she&rsquo;s already gotten in trouble for getting into fights. How much do you want to bet that she went looking for knives and things that shouldn&rsquo;t even be in the country?&rdquo; a guy joked.

&ldquo;That&rsquo;s not funny. I&rsquo;d really, really like to know where I am. I know it&rsquo;s not as important as a missing little girl, but if you tell me where I am, I&rsquo;ll help you look for her,&rdquo; Barry snapped. The guy was an asshole and kids being in shady neighborhoods were asking for trouble.

&ldquo;I&rsquo;d like to know the same thing,&rdquo; a familiar voice asked. &ldquo;Oliver?&rdquo; Barry was extremely confused, even if he was glad that he wasn&rsquo;t alone. &ldquo;I have no idea where I am, either. Was she with a skinny kid?&rdquo; Oliver asked. &ldquo;Yes, she was. Please tell me they were in a well-lit area,&rdquo; Kaya asked nervously.

&ldquo;No, she wasn&rsquo;t. She told me that I should take a cab here because everybody will know my name, but I should have known she was joking,&rdquo; Oliver said with a sigh. &ldquo;Was she headed there or was she just already there?&rdquo; the guy asked. &ldquo;She was headed towards some tent. I tried to tell her that she shouldn&rsquo;t play around such weird-looking people, but she got upset. She said the strangest things, but if I&rsquo;m going on what she said, you&rsquo;re Wikipedia. That and some guy named Fell is swell and knows where I can get better arrows,&rdquo; Oliver said. His head hurt and he wondered how the girl even knew.

&ldquo;What the hell is Wikipedia?&rdquo; Marguerite and Fell were baffled and Kaya placed her face in her palms; she didn&rsquo;t want to know. &ldquo;Ok, I&rsquo;m going to ask a weird question, so don&rsquo;t laugh. What year is it?&rdquo; Barry asked cautiously. Margaritas had a smartphone, so he didn&rsquo;t question it. &ldquo;2001. What else is it supposed to be?&rdquo; Marguerite said.

&ldquo;Don&rsquo;t,&rdquo; Fell and Kaya said at the same time. &ldquo;I need your help,&rdquo; a girl asked as she motioned for <margarita ask="" barry="" br="" did="" even="" her.="" his="" how="" it="" join="" know="" oliver="" once="" shook="" they="" to="" unreal.="" was="" were="" you="">
&ldquo;They don&rsquo;t know what Wikipedia is. Also, these two just reacted at the same time,&rdquo; Barry pointed out. &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t know what it is, but I never question her. She&rsquo;s just being Viv,&rdquo; Fell said with a sigh. &ldquo;That&rsquo;s not her name,&rdquo; Kaya snapped. &ldquo;My family is really weird and my sister&hellip;is the strangest one of all. She knows more than I do because for whatever reason and however she does it, she can easily go from your year back to ours. God, she probably went into Fell&rsquo;s because she had a half-day,&rdquo; Kaya said with a sigh.

&ldquo;Pretty much,&rdquo; Fell said as he formed a plastic smile. &ldquo;Where are we? We&rsquo;re from 2014 and Oliver isn&rsquo;t like we are,&rdquo; Barry asked. &ldquo;What&rsquo;s that supposed to mean?&rdquo; Oliver demanded. &ldquo;You&rsquo;re not like I am. You don&rsquo;t have any powers,&rdquo; Barry explained.

&ldquo;Oh. He&rsquo;s a normal. We don&rsquo;t get many,&rdquo; Fell said hesitantly. &ldquo;Oh, come on! That&rsquo;s just rude and we need to integrate,&rdquo; Barry said as he scolded him. &ldquo;If you say so. You&rsquo;re not the first to say it, but the thing is, he&rsquo;s on our turf. Mind your business, pal. I happen to like hookers, as long as it&rsquo;s HIV-free,&rdquo; Fell said.

&ldquo;Um&hellip;&rdquo; Barry didn&rsquo;t see why Oliver cared. &ldquo;I never said that,&rdquo; Oliver said irritably. &ldquo;No, but you both were thinking it, so I made fun of him. This is Fell and most of my customers enjoy the HIV-free hooker. See, they give blood anyway, so I don&rsquo;t see why no one can have any. It&rsquo;s not like those assholes that keep selling homeless people. It&rsquo;s not funny, not all of those people are even homeless and it&rsquo;s gross,&rdquo; Kaya said with a shudder.

&ldquo;You&hellip;you&rsquo;re a vampire?&rdquo; Mind-reading wasn&rsquo;t out of the ordinary, but Barry didn&rsquo;t think vampires were real. &ldquo;I am and I&rsquo;m the baby around here. The name&rsquo;s Fell. Adrian Fell. I&rsquo;m 70 years young,&rdquo; Fell said as he stuck out his hands.

&ldquo;I&rsquo;m Barry and unless I run out of food or money, I&rsquo;m not selling my food or blood,&rdquo; Barry said as he shook it. &ldquo;I&rsquo;m Oliver. Vampires being real should bother me, but I care more than someone&rsquo;s turning homeless people into meat. I&rsquo;m not trying to make you upset, but she&rsquo;s dressed like a street kid. How old is she?&rdquo; Oliver asked.

&ldquo;Eleven and Viral&rsquo;s nine. He shouldn&rsquo;t even be out, but she can talk him into anything,&rdquo; Kaya said with a sigh. &ldquo;Holy crap! We should go look for her,&rdquo; Barry said. It really was crazy for two little kids to be by themselves in a bad neighborhood, especially when there were child molesters and murderers out there.

&ldquo;Yeah, sure. Listen, I&rsquo;ll call you once we find her,&rdquo; Fell assured her. &ldquo;I can&rsquo;t believe I&rsquo;m saying this, but take her home,&rdquo; Kaya said with a sigh. &ldquo;Oh, for god&rsquo;s sake-She&rsquo;s your family. She should be living with you, not me. Don&rsquo;t worry-I think I know where she is,&rdquo; Fell said.

Once they left Sucker&rsquo;s, Oliver shook his head. &ldquo;Is she your girlfriend?&rdquo; Barry asked. It was the only reason not to call the cops and letting her sister run wild was horrible. &ldquo;Yeah, but she&rsquo;s skating on thin ice lately. I thought her family was dead and her reason is making me mad. Kalika&rsquo;s a pretty self-sufficient kid, she&rsquo;s not asking anyone to teach her how to drive and she&rsquo;s a little adult. I love having her around, but she&rsquo;s not my family,&rdquo; Fell said with a sigh.

&ldquo;Then why did you call her Viv?&rdquo; Oliver asked. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s complicated,&rdquo; Fell said. &ldquo;You already knew her, didn&rsquo;t you?&rdquo; It was the logical conclusion and no one housed his or her girlfriend&rsquo;s little sister. &ldquo;She wasn&rsquo;t bored, she was after something. She had to lie about her name and dye her hair. Why the hell would I help out a colored girl? I don&rsquo;t feeling like telling my girlfriend about marks and heists or the right amount of time you need in order to get away from the feds,&rdquo; Fell said nervously.

&ldquo;It doesn&rsquo;t matter. She&rsquo;s just a kid, she&rsquo;ll get in trouble for picking someone&rsquo;s pocket and I really doubt you let her keep stealing and conning people,&rdquo; Barry said. &ldquo;No, of course not! It was a lifetime ago, I gave up that life by the 30&rsquo;s and she needs an adult to tell her that she matters. What exactly did she say?&rdquo; Fell asked as he looked at Oliver.

&ldquo;First tell us where we are,&rdquo; Oliver said. &ldquo;Oh, right. This place is called the Lost City. Everyone is welcome here, except for normals like you. Unless of course, you&rsquo;ve been invited. You can&rsquo;t even find the place,&rdquo; Fell said. &ldquo;Whoa&hellip;&rdquo; Margarita hadn&rsquo;t been kidding and the place really was crawling with metahumans and more.

&ldquo;Then how am I here? Who would invite me?&rdquo; Oliver didn&rsquo;t know anyone in Starling who&rsquo;d know about a place like this. &ldquo;Maybe it&rsquo;s the same person who invited me. A shadow went by me, so I chased it. When I caught up to it, everything went black,&rdquo; Barry said.

&ldquo;Damn. I&rsquo;d say it&rsquo;s the portals, but that&rsquo;s not how they work. At least, I think so. I&rsquo;ve never been through one. Kaya has and the kids have, but not me. I came here the old-fashioned way,&rdquo; Fell said as he scratched his head.

&ldquo;What do you mean by portals? Like, energy rifts?&rdquo; It was somewhat fascinating and Barry wanted to tell his friends. &ldquo;I have no idea. No one does it to be mean, but when Kalika goes off onto her science geek babble, we never pay attention,&rdquo; Fell said with a shrug. &ldquo;That poor kid. I know how she feels-Is that why she runs away?&rdquo; It wasn&rsquo;t a solution and she needed an adult who cared.</margarita>
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30 day challenge-Day 19: Bizzaro World
This is based on a silly meme I saw and I just finished watching Arrow tonight.

Kalika hadn’t taken time to have fun and be with her friends lately. She had been so focused on getting started, trying to convince people that she wasn’t crazy and get herself set up that she had no free time. It felt good to read comics with her friend Viral instead of arguing about what to do first.

“Who do you like better: The Flash, Superman, Batman, Green Arrow or Green Lantern?” Viral asked. “Um, why are they all dudes?” Kalika asked irritably. She didn’t want to hear about it. “Because I’m asking about those 5? Answer the question and we’ll pick from girls next,” Viral said, a surprised look on his face. “I take you seriously,” he added.

Kalika sighed; he knew her too well. “Look, this is our gig. No one’s ever going to take it as seriously as we do or have faith in it. If you say that Marcus has always been single before, I believe you. Greta doesn’t seem like his type and based on what you said, I’m amazed that Lex still wants and likes you. No one who knows the real you doubts how badass you are, but you’re the one who told us to adjust. I’m sorry if I haven’t gone with you, but I’m sin 4th grade. Mom won’t let me stay up,” Viral joked.

“No, it’s okay. Unless Astika goes, you don’t. Marcus goes with me and so does Lara, but Amara keeps getting mad at us. We told her to come with us, but she’s so hung up on being normal. We can’t be normal right now, we’re not actually children and she was valuable back then. I’m in middle school because I’m too smart for grade school. I was already in 6th grade and I tested out of it by public school standards. Do you remember the past at all?” she asked. It was frustrating and he had gone with her on a good few occasions.

“I’ll go anywhere with you and you know that. You’re my family and if you job my memory, I can remember the rest. We’ve gone too many places,” Viral said as he poked her. “This isn’t the first time Agares has been an issue and he wasn’t always my uncle. You’ve always liked me,” Kalika said as she put the comics down. She couldn’t relax and didn’t feel like a child.

“Why am I not surprised?” he said as he formed a faint smile. “You shouldn’t be surprised about Sonali coming between us every time, either.  Aban missed you, but he was a toddler.  Do you remember my uncle at all?” Kalika asked. Viral paused as he tried to remember.

“Take your time. It matters,” Kalika said as she picked up the comic she had been reading. She could relate to Batman on some level, but much like Superman, people who weren’t her biological parents had raised her. She had to grow up around humans and hid who she was as well. The Green Lantern only had powers because of his ring, but she could identify with Oliver’s quest. Barry reminded her of Marcus, which made her depressed. He was a science geek, but Kalika had been raised by people, who did things anyone in law enforcement would get angry about,

“Zombies. Were there zombies? Also, singing. Did I sing?” Viral asked. “Yes, you did and I was so proud of you. You raged against the machine like a pro and you made your rage work for you. The zombies…they killed Marcus,” Kalika said quietly. It was how she wound up making the promise to Marcus on his grave and it was painful to talk about.

“Oh, god…I’m sorry. No wonder you’re so paranoid. He won’t get eaten this time if I can help it. I’m not underestimating Tristan’s father, but I am wondering why you give a crappy about preppy,” Viral asked. “He’s my brother,” Kalika said quietly. She’d never give up on Tristan and she knew that he’d never give up on her.

“So you say, but you two don’t have anything in common. He’s such a jackass-You should live in the mansion, but Amara should get stuck with whoever else? I’m surprised he’ll let Lara live with you, but she is always polite to him,” Viral said.

“He’s my brother,” Kalika repeated. If Viral remembered, she’d only have to repeat herself a few times. “OH! God, I’m dumb…why else would you say it? It does sound about right. Are you telling me that Agares seriously changed things to take your brother away? What the fuck?” It was cruel and selfish; Tristan had no one. He’d be less annoying if he had one normal parent.

“It wasn’t him, but we have a deal. I’m allowed to be in Tristan’s life, I just have to keep my mouth shut. Some part of me always knows its him and I didn’t grow up with Amara in those realities. I love her, but it’s kind of encoded in my DNA. If it were grandma, she’d run to Amara first. She grew up with Bold and Amara, but she felt a strange pull to Amara from the get-go.  Please, try and remember the rest of it,” Kalika asked. She’d feel less alone and her companions weren’t available to have her back.

Viral went back to thinking and Kalika continued to read the Flash. He reminded her of Marcus, but he wasn’t with Greta. He wanted to make a difference like Marcus and lost his mother as a kid like Marcus, but he wasn’t rough around the edges. He was a smart, educated scientist. He wasn’t cynical, he was charming. Iris was cooler than Greta and Kalika wouldn’t have minded her presence. She wasn’t bitchy, annoying, human and a distraction.

“Oh crap. I’m sorry, but I had to. He was too weak, everyone would have rejected him and things were falling apart. You would have wanted me to do the right thing and maybe Vartan wasn’t meant to exist,” Viral said sadly. “He’s alive. The green-eyed demon took him,” Kalika said. 

“Come on…we can finish our conversation while we’re walking,” Viral said as he grabbed his jacket. As they walked, Kalika’s mind was faraway. “So, did you think of who’s better?” Viral asked. “I did. I can relate to Oliver’s crusade, but two people who weren’t his parents raised Superman. So for me, it would be Superman, Green Arrow, The Flash and Batman. Bruce Wayne has a burden like I do, but I didn’t watch my parents get murdered. I’ve seen my mother die before, but it was an accident. It’s hard to want revenge when you’re the one who did it,” Kalika said with a sigh. Having her mothers fight was too scary and she had just wanted to break it up.

“Ouch. Green Lantern didn’t even get a mention,” Viral joked. “Screw him. He’s a human who found an awesome ring,” Kalika said as she waved a hand dismissively. “Let’s see how it’s done,” Viral said as he jerked head in the Troll Market’s direction. “Careful-That’s expensive,” she cautioned. Nothing was free and she knew it better than most. It was worth it, but it also left a burden on your shoulders.

Once they got there, Kalika dug into her pockets for money.  “I don’t want money,” the woman said. “No, no…we’ve met before. You’ve done me a favor,” Kalika said insistently. “We have, but you’ll do me plenty of favors once the future arrives. I’ll take that book,” she said.

“Wait, seriously? Is it worth a lot 30 years from now?” Viral asked. “Just give it to me,” the woman said sharply. “Okay, okay. Just curious,” Viral mumbled. “It’s not nice to question Zamora. She knows her stuff, she needs you to trust her and she’s not flashy. If that comic can solve the current conundrum, then it will,” Kalika said.

“It’s going to make me remember our trips? Well, if it gives me superpowers, how can I complain?” Viral joked. “Lie down and close your eyes,” Zamora said. Kalika did as she was told without asking; they’d see results soon. Viral was hesitant, but he did as he was told. He couldn’t stop wondering about how much the comic was worth, but for all he knew, he’d find out if he was ever rich.

Barry was on his way to Jitters when he saw a shadow fly past him. He chased after it, but once he caught up with it, he wished he hadn’t. It began to swirl around him the way that the red and yellow man was around his mother. Before he knew it, everything had gone black.

30 day challenge-Day 18: Anne
storyline errors

The heart of a woman is best served with care and love. The heart of a man is best not served at all. Truer words have never been spoken and I can attest to that. I always had my father on a pedestal and thought nothing could possibly go wrong. My mother had a hard life,but she and my brother finally got love and respect. Not only did she get hurt, betrayed and cast aside, she had to live with the fact that another woman gave my father the son he always wanted. Alexander was a lower being,but it meant nothing to my father. As his new wife pointed out, her son was his blood, his family’s future.

If my father never loved or cared about my mother’s heart and feelings, he should have cared about mine. He devoted all his attention to his new daughter and she meant the world to him. She got chosen to help continue the mission and deal with people, not me. She got shown off to potential suitors all the time, whereas I was lucky to get a meeting with one of his allies. Any time I tried to spend time with my father or it seemed as though our relationship was finally repaired, his new wife stepped in to ruin everything. I was a lost cause, no one could or would ever love me and I was too old too matter. So here I am, at 25, yet to be married. Yet to be loved. Yet to earn anyone’s love, even my uncle and cousin’s. My brother loves me,but much like me,he’s been cast aside and rejected his entire life.

It’s ironic. When I asked why they named me Anne, my father said that Anne Boleyn was his favorite out of King Henry VIII’s wives. The one he left the church and his wife for. The one who gave him on of England’s finest queens in history. My name is Anne, but instead of getting the man whose attention I want, my pretty little sister gets it instead. I’ll be the one who dies in a lonely tower while she gets to be queen of a brave new world.


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