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30 day challenge-Final Day. Bizarro World, part 8(4 of 4)
Once they met back at the lair, Kalika was glad that Marcus was there.  “Where are Astika and Lex?” she asked. “Busy, but we got stuff done. Why is he here?” Marcus asked. “I’ll go home as soon as we’re done,” Viral assured you.

“No, I meant Speedy Gonzalez here,” Marcus said curtly. “I need him!” Kalika said defensively. “Of course you do,” he muttered. “Barry is helping me and I’d really appreciate privacy. Did you call Greta?” Kalika asked. “She’s excited,” Marcus shot back. “Great! You’ll really like the Citadel, Barry. It’s so awesome and if Adam can manage, you can meet my Trippy,” Kalika said.

“Your Trippy?” Barry was curious and it sounded funny. “It’s a surprise,” Kalika said as she formed a coy smile. “Then I’m looking forward to it,” Barry said with a smile. “It was nice to meet you,” Amara said. “Get better, kiddo. I won’t take up too much of her time,” Barry said.

“Good. She needs to do her job,” Marcus snapped. “Don’t worry. We’ll go home and you can take Greta to the movies,” Kalika said before they left. She was thrilled and he looked furious. “He is really rude. You need to practice,” Barry said. “He’s just mad because his bitchy girlfriend wanted to go to the movies,” Kalika said as she rolled her eyes.

“She can wait. You know, he needs to deal with his insecurities. I don’t even exist in your world, so he is the fastest guy in the city. He’s a kid and he’ll only improve,” Barry said as he shook his head. “What do you use aside from arrows?” Oliver asked. “These. Bako is a class, not a surname. Everyone who works in prisons goes by it. My great-grandfather was an executioner and he wanted my grandpa to be a warden. I was eleven when I did my first and everyone calls me Raha-Ak-Jahut in the Empire,” Kalika said proudly.

“What does that mean?” Barry asked curiously. “The Angel of Death. When they go to sleep, parents tell their sons to be good or I’ll come and get them,” she joked. Oliver winced; it was extreme. Her culture was obviously like Nyssa’s and he’d never approve. “Are you serious?” It was a little scary and he didn’t think the sickles would be used for that.

“Lex isn’t just like that because he’s a soldier. My enemies all want the old ways back and polygamy, claims, raids and women being seen and never heard was how it was before grandma kicked everyone’s asses. I have no patience for sex offenders or people who beat or hurt children. I don’t care about gender, but in the empire, men are the ones who have like misogynist attitude,” Kalika explained.

“I like time you fed his balls to him,” Viral said. “I do that all the time-It’s my signature. Well, aside from the markings,” Kalika reminded him. “These are really nice arrows. Are you better with arrows or crossbows?” There were even stakes and the bombs did look homemade. “I like crossbows, but I’m machine oriented. I fish and hunt, so I do know how to kill deer and stuff. I also have knives and needles,” she said.

“Be careful. They could accidentally hit the wrong target,” Barry said. “They can and I actually think you should use them first,” Oliver said. “What should I do?” Viral asked. “Try to attack me,” Barry suggested. He was weaker and needed more training. “Do you meditate?” Oliver asked. “Not lately-I have trouble sleeping,” she said with a sigh. “Then we’re doing that first. You’ll never focus if you don’t clear your mind,” Oliver said.

It took Kalika time to quiet her mind, but she managed to relax. She was at the castle and she was in her original room. She was going through her collection when she heard a voice. She didn’t want to believe it, but it was her uncle. “Did you miss me? I certainly missed you…you’ve become a woman,” he remarked.

“Go away. I’ll slit your throat and serve you to the dogs,” she hissed. “That’s quite a threat. I told you I’m not letting another man touch you. What about your sister? If you tell, I’ll kill your mother,” Alexander said with a smile. “No, you won’t. I’m not little anymore, grandmere won’t let you and neither will anyone else,” Kalika said angrily.

“Prove it,” he said. “I will,” she said as she shocked him. She was shocked when it didn’t work. “Shame on you…stop being a tease. I don’t feel like waiting now,” he growled. Kalika scrambled to grab ahold of her weapon and threw it at him. The cut didn’t stop him and she was terrified. “I’m not going easy on you now-You can’t keep torturing me,” he said as he knocked her back.

“Never-I’ll kill you,” she hissed. Kalika did everything she knew how, but all it did was make her uncle hornier. Before she knew it, he was choking her. As soon as he started to grab at her clothes, she woke up. She gasped for air and took several breaths; she was terrified.

“Are you okay?” Her body had been tensing up and she was obviously remembering something bad.  “No, but I think I will be. I know what’s holding me back,” she said. “Try a few more minutes…you’re too tense,” he said warily. She closed her eyes and this time, she was able to focus. When she was done, she felt relaxed.

When they were done, Kalika wasn’t sure she did okay. She had never tried practicing on a person. “You can try on a dummy now,” Oliver said.  She needed to know how to deal with someone who was going to dodge her first. “That was still pretty good, though. This one’s a surprise. I think he may have given me a cold,” Barry said.  “Actually…I was aiming for the flu. If you get a fever, Amara can fix you,” Viral said nervously.

“At least it’s not at full blast. You’ll make everyone sick if you make a large blast. Airborne viruses are rapidly contagious,” he said sternly. It was good to keep from being scary as a kid. Viral could easily kill someone and Barry wasn’t sure he realized it.

“Show him how to use the knives,” Oliver said. Using their powers wasn’t the hard part, focusing on weapons and fighting was. “You ready, kiddo?” He had low self-esteem and Barry didn’t want to push him too hard. “Sure,” Viral said. He liked being able to interact with his favorite heroes.

When it was time to use arrows, both the kids were excited. Kalika had already shown Barry some of her powers, but she wanted to be better with non-mechanized weapons. “You can’t make a mistake on this one. A gun won’t work and they’re hard to kill,” Oliver said sternly. “Yes, sir.” Kalika had always dismissed it in the empire and let Amara and Ashley fool around with it. Swords always seemed more fun and so did throwing things.


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