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30 day challenge-Final Day. Bizarro World, part 8(3 of 4)
Once they got there, Kalika asked for her normal booth. “Frank, is Linda working today?” Kalika asked. She didn’t want to mess with things, but having a reporter around did help. Linda would use more tact and discretion and Kalika could be more honest with her.

“I think so. Did she wait on you last time?” Frank asked. “I think so,” Kalika said. “I’ll send her over,” he said. “Has she?” Viral whispered. “Three weeks from now, she waited on me and Lex. She took me to Zamora and its how she met,” Kalika said. “Oh. Did she tell you whether he’ll keep being an asshole?” Viral said.

“Oh, she saw him herself. He didn’t tell me, but I don’t want him to. I only give people who won’t get affected shreds. It’s only you and Marcus so far. I don’t think I told Lex yet,” she whispered.

“Hi, kids. Let me guess: You want that special sauce,” Linda said. “Yes, please. I’ll have a French Quarter and Gatorade,” Kalika said. “Ew. I’m not a snooty French person, so I’ll just have pizza,” Viral said. “Kid, we don’t do fancy. The French Quarter is spicy and has a New Orleans flavor to it. Also, you’re in French Canada. You do know that, right?” she asked.

“Oh.” Viral was embarrassed and just wanted something other than idiotic adult things only Kalika liked. “I’ll have what’s local, then. I haven’t been to Quebec in awhile,” Oliver said. He wouldn’t have guessed, but some people they met did have accents. “Well, not everything is French since this is a place for everyone, but he’s being stupid. The vast majority of people in shops and schools speak French and even the ones in English teach French as the main foreign language,” Linda said.

“He’s not having the local,” Kalika said.  “Why not? Sweetheart, you can’t just tell your brother what to eat,” Linda said. “The local is homeless people,” Kalika said in hushed tones. “What? That’s disgusting and this isn’t Sucker’s,” Linda said. “Did you check? There have been murders and soon after, restaurants have started serving local specials. Frank may not even know and the meat suppliers could be buying it,” Kalika said.

“Wait, wait…there are seriously places with mystery meat? I’m looking into it,” Linda said. “Wouldn’t it be cool to write about if you were a reporter?” Kalika asked. “It really would, but it’s also interesting if you’re pre-law or criminal justice,” Linda said. “Then I’ll just have a cheeseburger with fries and soda,” Oliver said. He forgot about it and didn’t feel like taking the chance.

“Do we know her?” Viral asked. “I only tell you what you need to know. I just didn’t want to risk him eating people. I think it’s sick and mean to solve the crisis by killing them. Why can’t we just eat roasted rapists?” she asked.

“Damn. That does sound good,” Viral said with a smile. “You eat people?” He hadn’t considered that and reptiles didn’t necessarily eat people. “Not all the time, but yes. He’s not human at all, he’s half-demon and half something else. I have roasted a rapist before and the village was hungry. If he didn’t want to get flayed alive, he shouldn’t have hurt children while he was on a raid,” Kalika said with a shrug.

“Well…at least they’re evil,” Oliver said with a sigh. “My people don’t have a concept of animal rights, either. To us, meat is meat. We don’t feel bad about eating dogs or cats like Asians do. Then again, were located under Mongolia,” Kalika explained. “I’m not going to judge on that one. I lived in China too long to care about insects or meat.  You should control your soldiers, though. If you don’t tell them what to do, they can and will eat women and children,” Oliver said.

“They will?” Viral hadn’t thought about it. “Of course they will! Crypt wouldn’t because he’s Sirian, but Jake would and Chase probably would, too. Until I got upset and yelled, they tried to do stupid things. I love them, but I’m not eight anymore and they’re not my friends, they’re experiments. It’s hard to remember sometimes, but he’s right. They’re hard-wired to rape, massacre, eat, obey and other stuff. Darleen hates me because she thinks I screwed up her brother’s programming and made him human. She’s stupid and my mother would object as well, she just doesn’t think about it. It’s not her job, they’re beneath her and she has better things to do. I don’t do genetics or I’d modify them myself. Dad doesn’t understand why it matters because the point is to defeat enemies and he barely has social skills, let alone emotions. You’d fall asleep if you met him,” Kalika joked.

“I don’t doubt that. Will he change if you get what you want?” Oliver didn’t want her to be unrealistic, but if she could change things, she needed to. “I don’t know, but Gabriel heard me out. Considering how outraged people were, he did see the point in not alienating people further and keep waging war. Grandma made a lot of stupid things go away, too. I’m not aiming to make him lose his job, but he and my grandparents are doing a terrible job. The woman who actually owns this land is still alive, so legally, they have to get the hell off her property,” Kalika said as she formed a sly smile.

“Wait, Helena’s your ace in the hole? That…that’s genius! They operate entirely on logic, science, rules and productivity. Your grandparents will get mad, but your parents and the others have to back off. She does have proof, doesn’t she?” Viral asked. “No need-I have the deed to the castle stashed in a secret place and Fell, Tristan and I broke into the secret portion. Only he and I can even enter the place, so I nabbed every single portrait, document or stuff grandmere and Agares can get their hands on. They’ll automatically back off because Bertram won’t let them come near Helena,” Kalika pointed out. She doubted Bertram ever stopped loving Helena and had told him how she was in private.

“You really do remind me of my assistant at times. You don’t need to kill or be violent all the time because your family or people are, you know. It’s irrational and if even your puppy reacts, you’re probably going too far. You can’t show mercy on these people, but with everyone else, just send them to jail,” Oliver suggested. He shouldn’t have been surprised by any possible crush on Barry, either.

“Is that why you and Laurel aren’t together? I mean, I don’t necessarily care who you sleep with, but isn’t that cliché?” He was right, but she did plan to set a few examples. “Damnit…I’m not like that anymore. I wish that stupid comic didn’t have me being that much of a womanizer,” Oliver said. It was somewhat embarrassing and they did know about his love life. Raising Roy was a surprise, but Roy did need someone to guide him.

“Ok, so here it is. Frank doesn’t question his supplier, so long as the meat is fresh, clean and fit to be served. I suppose it is possible,” Linda said. “Frank’s a good guy, so he’d never order it himself. No one’s listening to me, but I have proof on certain things and I’ve seen stuff,” Kalika said.

“You do?” she asked. “I do, but none of the adults listen. They think I’m making it up, no one can do anything or that someone else will do it,” Kalika said. “I’m listening. I do know people who’d do something about it. Talk to me after work sometime,” Linda said. “This is my email,” Kalika said as she scribbled it down.

“Is she Lois Lane?” Viral whispered. “Spoilers. I refuse to confirm or deny what she is when we’re adults,” Kalika said. “It doesn’t matter. You guys do need adults and Barry and I are just here to push you in the right direction,” Oliver said. He didn’t like what Barry was doing and he needed to push the kids so both of them would be efficient, not just one. Crushes were irrelevant and he didn’t think a little boy needed to follow an older girl who was that wild everywhere.


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