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30 day challenge-Final Day. Bizarro World, part 8(2 of 4)
Once they were alone, Kalika took a breath. “I’m sure someone will relieve Lara, but I need you to do something. If you want to do me a favor, squeeze Chase and a few others. We need some background checks and records from places. I also need to see if we can steal someone’s DNA or use a holographic chip. I promised Barry that he could see the Citadel,” Kalika explained.

“Sounds romantic,” Marcus said sarcastically. Lex and Astika looked at him, but Kalika didn’t care. If it was why he was being stupid, she was glad. It was working and now he’d leave Greta.  Work him until he leaves Greta and try to make him realize that she isn’t real. “We have an entire day trip planned. It’s going to be awesome and we’ll both eat Loaga. After that, there’s a whole Segway tour,” Kalika said cheerfully.

“If he leaves me alone, I don’t care,” Lex joked. “No, we talked and he gets it,” Kalika said with a smile. “Hey, why don’t you and Greta have dinner with us?” she asked. “What?” Astika was shocked and didn’t know what the hell was going on. It was a terrible idea and Barry was too old for her.

“We will. I’ll tell her to dress up,” Marcus said through gritted teeth. “Great! I’ll let him know. Lex, there’s something in it for you if you make it happen,” she said as she gave him a knowing look. “Always a bonus. Have at it,” Lex said before he gave her a kiss. He didn’t like Barry and hoped he was looking. Kalika wasn’t a goody-goody, she was manipulative, conniving and flirty.

Kalika was taken aback, but she didn’t complain. It was nice and her only worry had always been that he’d try something. “Check on my brother,” she said as she looked at Astika. “Shake sense into mine. He’s being petty if he’s calling me Perry,” Astika said before they left.

Once Kalika joined them, she was surprised. Viral looked upset and Barry frowned at her. “Uh-oh. Did they see any spoilers?” she asked. “No, but what I did see means we need to talk,” Barry said. Viral probably needed to say something, but she let a guy who treated her badly kiss her. “Yeah, okay. Like I said-You two can feel free to push me,” she said.

“Good, because I’m not going easy on you. That little psycho is crazy and you shouldn’t encourage him. I’ve dealt with soldiers like him, they’re brutal and he’s not going to care if he hurts anyone. He said the most disturbing things and I doubt you plan to take over the world. Ugh...he thinks you’ll let him kill for you,” Oliver said.

“I will. He’s an asshole, but he’s following his programming for the most part. He’s very different because he has more social skills and free will than the others. I got allowed to take him and the rest of his batch outside of the Citadel because I told my dad that I’d train them to blend in with the outside world. Look, I’m not evil and insane. I’ve always been against the mission, which is why my dad and I have so much friction. Getting rights and taking back the surface doesn’t mean anyone needs to commit genocide. We just deserve to have rights and not hide from humans any longer. I need him to kill dangerous people and do underhanded things because he can’t feel regret, mercy and things that hold people back. I managed to make him more like a person, but his sole purpose in life is to follow orders, defeat people and obey his masters. His sister was a lot worse and I’m not telling him where she is for a damn good reason. She had no emotions, she despised me for giving her brother germs and she’s been recruited by the high-ups. She’s stronger, faster and smarter than she was before, they’ve given her an upgrade and most likely, she can copy the person she’s turned into down to their senses. Viral is how he is because he’s not genetically engineered. They’re all programmed to believe that anyone other than my father is a threat, but I managed to get most of them on my side. The others will all think I’m a traitor and skin me alive if they find me,” Kalika explained.

“Holy crap!” They really were insane and Barry was worried. “It’s the only real way to hurt us. I can die and get killed like other people, but a full-blooded reptile has an unnaturally high threshold for pain, bullets only slow them down, their skin is tough and they can see at night. Only one of us would know what sort of torture works properly. Why do you think they’re all walled off? I’m having the ones who aren’t reptiles shipped off for their safety, but I made enemies. That girl I told Lex about thinks I’m ruining everything. The humans sell us unused portions of land, resources and other things if we give them secret weapons, technology and custom-built soldiers. I doubt it’s true, but there’s a rumor floating around that we helped the Nazis build Aryans,” Kalika explained. “I mainly go to Sucker’s because they have animal blood. It keeps me from being violent and losing it,” she added.

“I still expect you to behave. You’re not like him and if what you’re saying is true, it’s your job to control him. I’m not putting all the responsibility on you, but you’re what’s between humans being massacred by a horde of those things and a normal existence. I don’t see what’s so bad about you all having a safe space, but your father wants to take over the world. You do need to stop him,” Oliver said with a sigh. There wasn’t much of a choice and it would be twice as exhausting to deal with an even stronger breed.

“I know. I’m realistic and it’s entirely possible that some or all of us could die. I’ll take the bullet for everyone else, but I’m so angry. They claim they’re leaders, but they don’t care about anyone. They dumped the responsibility on my mother, she’s snobby and corrupt and I got set to therapy for asking why they’re doing something wrong. I wasn’t going to let any of mine rape anyone, let alone babies and kids,” Kalika said as she looked down. It was much harder this time and she wanted things to be simpler.

“Um…” Barry was speechless and had no idea what to say. “I’m not surprised. If they’re cold, controlled and in a frenzy, they will rape and kill anyone. I’m sorry your therapists came after you, but you really can’t afford to be a kid. I’m probably a hypocrite for telling you to get therapy, but you saw unnatural things and Fell said you have nightmares. I didn’t go through that until I was in college. It’s unnerving to see that look on a little girl’s face.” It was an understatement and being dark and tormented didn’t look good on children.

“No, I can’t. Look, I’m sorry I yelled, but you don’t remember them and you’ve never met Agatha and Gremory. Zamora is the closest to a shrink I have and she gave me my sanity back after I had an episode. Sometimes, I remember too much about one person or situation and it gets fuzzy. I know what they did to us, not you. I’ve died four times already and there was nothing you could say or do to keep it from happening. I think he’s warping you, too.” It was stupid to like her and they had already been married.

“Oh, right.” He had forgotten the first two and he had been devastated. “Wait, he’s killed you?” It changed things a lot. “Well, he’s not the one who raped and murdered me the 2nd time, but he made me have a fatal car accident when I was 19 the first time. He didn’t kill me the 3rd time, though. Wait…why do I remember a 4th?” She hadn’t died after that and it was odd.

“Ok, she’s good. I’m going to kiss her ass,” Viral said nervously. “She didn’t say when, though. As long as it’s protecting everyone, I don’t care.” Her life had risks and no one lived forever. “You don’t know that it can happen and you may be able to prevent it. Don’t be fatalistic,” Oliver said sternly. “She still has to factor it in. She can’t keep dying and surviving and we know that he can easily kill her or anyone else,” Barry said.

“He really can and he’s like Freddy Krueger had a baby with the Fates,” Kalika said. Barry laughed; she was funny. “Why is that funny?” It sounded horrible and they probably had Hallucinations like people did on Vertigo. “It’s Greek mythology,” Barry said. “That really is a good one. I would have used Chronotrigger,” Viral said as he scratched his head. “He’s a Duke from Hell, not a machine. There are no machines involved this time or it would be a lot easier. I can’t use magic, you can,” she reminded him.

“You can practice while I factor that in. For all you know, you could be running on steam. You might be like a cat and have nine lives,” Barry said. “Oh, take your time. No one likes being interrupted mid-variable or formula. I’d break a beaker over their head if they kept me from discovering the key to traveling properly with a machine,” Kalika said as she waved a hand dismissively.

“Oh, god…” He had no idea what they were talking about. He had a bad feeling that her boyfriend was suspicious for a reason. The girls were giggling about how handsome Barry was and she was a science prodigy. “I need to eat and then we can start,” she said.

“Is there a place in that bar that doesn’t smell like blood?” It was gross and Oliver smelled other stuff, too. “There is, but you don’t have to eat there. I ate already,” Barry said.  “Good. It really is no place for humans,” Oliver said with a sigh. “We can go to the diner,” Viral suggested. He was hungry, too.”  “Then let’s do it. I like burgers,” Oliver said.


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