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30 day challenge-Final Day. Bizarro World, part 8(1 of 4)
Meanwhile, Amara was in stable condition. “Wow. You’re really good in a pinch,” Lara said. “I had to heal my own wounds for awhile and I have supplies in my lair. Who did you guys rob to get this place?” Oliver asked. He wasn’t Barry and didn’t believe that she just asked for help. “We kicked their asses, stole from the bodies and sent an example,” Marcus said proudly.

“I thought Pierre gave her money in exchange for taking care of his parents,” Viral said. Everyone else started laughing, but Marcus wasn’t amused. He did jobs for Lucius and tried to ask for favors. “Oh, grow up. I don’t care how special she is, she’s eleven. Either you all robbed people, she used her last name or she has help,” Oliver said as he rolled his eyes.

“Why can’t you all tell me stuff?” Amara asked. “Honestly? You keep picking at her and she doesn’t even tell me stuff. Curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, she knew you’d yell,” Marcus said. “I wouldn’t-I always support her and only question her if it makes no sense or she’s going to put us in danger. I don’t tell you things because mom said not to. She’s not doing it for fun and games, that man wants to rape and murder us and she’s the only one he’s not allowed to kill. My grandparents aren’t going to ever let me be normal the way you want to be. I have to put my father’s family first and I’m not going to live with Aunt Annabeth. If we could be normal and play, why wouldn’t we?” Lara asked.

“I lie to my sister all the time and it’s because things like this would put her in danger and already have. She’s not here because she probably had a meltdown. I still don’t like that a group of children are the ones doing something, but I suppose if I could make guns backfire, I’d probably be less afraid,” Oliver said with a sigh.

“Can I show him the comics?” Viral finally asked.  “Go ahead. She and Barry are busy having a conversation. He’s so damn nosy,” Lex grumbled. “He’s not nosy, he’s using common sense,” Lara shot back. “I wanted to have a private conversation with her. You all are kidding yourselves if you think she and I have never spoken alone,” Lex said.

“Wait, why can’t you two talk? I’ve seen you two talk and have coffee all the time. Greta and I eat breakfast with them. You should have stayed. That is so not why they’re talking alone,” Marcus said as he rolled his eyes.

“Well….he is handsome. I like his hair,” Lara said. For once, her cousin had good taste. Amara laughed so hard that she started coughing. She didn’t doubt it for a second and her sister was probably being bad. “Ew! That’s gross,” Viral said. Barry was an adult and Kalika knew better.

“Yes, it is. You’re that kid Fell was talking about, aren’t you?” It was the only reason why Barry would care and Oliver didn’t blame him. The kid was cocky and reminded Oliver of himself when he was younger. “Who?” Lex had no idea who the hell Oliver was talking about. “Johnny. Everyone in the world except for her has to call him Fell,” Viral said.

“Oh, right. Kaya’s boyfriend. Yes, I’m that evil, awful kid he’s talking about. We were talking business and do it all the time. Why would I be stupid enough to do it again? I live in the ghetto now and my parents will lose the one place they’re allowed to live in. Also, I am sorry. As long as she believes me, that’s all matters in the end,” Lex said.

“Go to hell. Maybe if you bend over backwards Lara will forgive you, but I won’t. You talked all sorts of trash about my mom, you made her change and she didn’t start pulling away from me until she met you and your stupid sister. I don’t care if you think I’ll give you germs, you taught her that word,” Amara said. She began to cough and Lara shushed her.

“Lie still. The rest of you can go and I’ll sit with her. I don’t need to punch you because she’ll castrate you with her claws if you come near her,” Lara said. “That’s all I’m saying. She almost broke my arm earlier and told me she’d make me go into convulsions,” Lex said.

“That’s impossible,” Oliver said. “No, it’s just really old. The only way to learn that kind of Kung Fu is if you live in a hut with a sensei. It’s just a threat-She’d never waste energy on that kind of move unless she had to,” Marcus said.

“Then she needs therapy.” No one accomplished a move like that unless they were pushed to a breaking point and beaten several times. “Are you serious? She has practice dummies already. I mean, I guess we could sell the therapist for parts, but burying them is annoying,” Lex said.

Viral started laughing, but Oliver glared at him; it wasn’t funny. “Dude. Don’t be so blasé. It’s not funny and she told me everything. Why did they yell at her for having human emotion, treat her like an experiment and over-analyze her? It’s none of their business why her parents didn’t raise her. They kept needling her, it made her think of my grandparents and she lost it. The other one insulted her and my cousin, which didn’t help, either. She does need one, but they’ll call the cops and send her back to those people,” Marcus said with a sigh.

“What? When I met her, she had stories. She beat up my bullies because she got mad and beat up hers, too. She set their hats on fire, tied up a fat one, stuffed his mouth with candy and told everyone it was Cinco De Mayo,” Viral protested.

“Wait, really?” The last one was funny and he couldn’t be serious. “Oh, yeah! She begged me to meet her family and I thought she was just being weird. It was awesome and he wound up peeing his pants, crying like a little kid and puking because we all hit him with sticks,” Lex said as he formed a nostalgic smile.

Oliver couldn’t help but laugh, either. If bones were broken, they would have bragged. “When we get to my house, don’t mind my brother. He thinks I stole his weed,” Viral said.  “Tell him I did,” Marcus joked. “Drugs are a waste of potential and cigarettes are bad for you, too. It’s like not doing homework or going to class late,” Lex said as he shook his head. He only skipped if it was really important.

“Thanks for the talk, dad.” It was lame and no one liked homework. “Are all of you like this?” It was the weirdest thing Oliver had ever heard and homework was for nerds. “What, superior? Of course we are-I don’t blindly obey the general and his family anymore, but I will obey my queen. The only reason you have your nose is because she told me not to attack you. Don’t you talk to her like that. You’re human, impudence is worse than failure and you’re not to question her. I’d bother using myself as an example, but I don’t see how much worse your life can get,” Lex barked.

Marcus’s eyes widened, but Viral winced. “You do need to say sorry, though. She can handle failure some of the time, but she has no tolerance for impudence, insulting her, her people’s image and honor. She got mad at someone for minding our business one day and asked me to give them strep throat. They’d shut the hell up, learn whom they’re dealing with and be grateful that she didn’t mount their heads on a wall,” he said.

“Then maybe you should mind yours,” Marcus said coldly. “Holy crap…it was just a question. I didn’t ask if you were superior or inferior, I was going to ask if you all are goody-goodies.” His question got answered in the most disturbing manner possible. “Humans all think we’re boring and inferior. They’re idiots and when we take over the world, they’ll wish they hadn’t criticized my lack of product. I’m going to be right on the side,” Lex said proudly.

“If I ever meet one of you, I’m not going to hesitate before I put an arrow in you all. I had to deal with an entire horde of soldiers who acted like you,” Oliver said, a disgusted look on his face. He still had hope that he could talk sense into the kids, but Fell wasn’t kidding. The little brat was a horny psycho who wanted to kill and destroy.

“Are you talking about Deathstroke? He’s a really good villain,” Viral said. “He’s also too powerful. I’m willing to bet money that if he escapes, his next batch will be like your friend,” Oliver said as he shook his head.

“He’d better be willing to pay an extra million. I heard that they’re testing the next phase and I’ll be obsolete soon. You all will probably get us in 2009, though. I wasn’t cheap and neither was my sister-She can track just as well and she’s a shape-shifter. If you can actually make a dent in one of us, I’m impressed. Kalika said we should all acknowledge worthy opponents,” Lex said.

Oliver shuddered; it was probably true. “Stop freaking him out. Just because the government buys you all in exchange for land and resources doesn’t mean he’ll have to deal with you. Spiderman had to deal with the Lizard and you guys exist in other stories doesn’t mean the next super soldiers will be like you,” Viral snapped.

“What a comforting thought,” Oliver remarked dryly. His time wasn’t necessarily being wasted and Viral was wrong. It probably did exist in Starling and people like Malcolm could and would pay millions for weapons and soldiers.

Once they got to Viral’s house, Oliver was surprised by how dingy it was. “Beta, is that you? I made Samosas…do you want any?” Vichitra asked as she came out. “Oh, we have guests! Why didn’t you tell me?” she said as she scolded him.

“I did! I told Perry earlier,” Viral said. “I don’t like you reading those silly stories and you must have stayed up late. What nonsense-Fairy tales are real now? Do you have Hemlock in the house?” she asked as she went to get water.

“I’m not high!” Viral protested. “Be more careful when you make potions, then. The fumes can make you sick sometimes. We don’t have insurance and I can’t take you to a doctor,” Vichitra said as she brought water out for them. “Forgive me. My son didn’t tell me we had visitors. He made me worry sick about him and came home with some ridiculous tale. Would you like anything to eat?” she asked.

“No, thank you. I found him yesterday and he was with Kalika. I thought he would have called you,” Oliver said as he shook his head. “Aare…that stupid girl. She can wander the streets if she’d like, but you’re not going to follow her. Why do you keep doing whatever she says? First you let her go off with that boy in public and then you ran away with pirates. Who’s going to give us money if you get in trouble?” Vichitra demanded.

“That’s not my fault! She caught Lucien with someone else and he told her he’d marry her. Adiel was really nice and he didn’t let anyone molest us, nor did he sell us. Mordachi took care of us and I was his best man. Plus, she needed me to cover for her. Michael was my friend and they let me go with them. He just wanted time alone with her,” Viral protested.

Lex died laughing, but Marcus placed his face in his palms. It was just sad and he was an idiot. “Pirates? Your mother is right and you really, really can’t let her just do whatever she wants.  You’re younger, you can’t control weapons and no one does whatever you say. Next time you go to that market, just take your mom or someone else with you,” Oliver said.

“Remind me to make you my official lookout. That is just sad and I’d snap someone’s neck if they looked in her direction. She never told me about pirates and if that’s how she met Laia’s father, she’s giving me details,” Lex said.

Viral reddened visibly; he was humiliated. “I don’t kiss and tell. Also, you’d just compare notes. I’m sorry about yesterday, auntie. Zamora doesn’t usually take a long time and when we left, I thought he asked. I mean, it was his idea,” Kalika said.

“Excuse me? You should be sorry-Why would you encourage him? Why did he even go to the troll market? Who is she?” Vichitra asked. “She does a lot of crazy stuff, but she’s also a psychic. Viral needed to remember something really important and he knew I’ve been stressed out. He thought we should go for a walk and go shopping, but Zamora could help him with his memory. I would have never thought to ask her how much a comic book is worth 30 years from now,” Kalika said apologetically.

“Are you serious? That story is true?” Perry asked as he joined them. “It is, but I’m not mad anymore. I guess I was questioning Zamora and when she gives you what you’re looking for, you don’t always know what it is, nor should you expect anything. I go to her for business most of the town and she saved my life once, but Viral got mad at her. She didn’t want money, she wanted the comic book. He thought she wanted it because it would be valuable in the future. She asked us to close our eyes and he was thinking about it. I was thinking about matters and hand and how I needed help,” Kalika explained.

“You wasted a renowned mystic’s time about a comic book? Priyanka took me there once and she’s good. She’s got many millennia on us and she could have gotten us actual help. What the hell are they supposed to do? How do you even send them home?” Astika demanded.

“It’s fine, guys. I figured out why Oliver and I are here and you guys don’t need to yell. She did answer their concerns, it was just in a manner so absurd that no one would think about it. If their heroes show them something, they’ll listen to it and take cues from them,” Barry said.

“Sorry I didn’t come back sooner, but Barry’s been helping me. I got the chance to show him my powers,” Kalika said. “I’ll bet he has,” Marcus muttered. “Fine-Show them your comics. You do need to grow up, though. I could have gone with you, we needed her yesterday and she has more important matters to concern herself with. Look, you’re not a leader, so just leave that stuff to us,” Astika said sternly.

“Fine. This is my brother Perry. He thinks I stole his weed,” Viral said glumly. “What? Why are there drugs in my house? Give it to me,” Vichitra said angrily. “I was joking, ma. Why would I do drugs? When have I ever been a disappointment?” he said as he formed an innocent look on his face.

“I’m sorry, beta. You’re all so different now and I worry. Your father works and I don’t know that he keeps tabs on you enough,” Vichitra said with a smile. “I’m going to do my part and be productive. I’ll bring home groceries,” Astika assured her. “My name isn’t Perry, by the way. If you all are staying, I’d prefer to go by my real name,” he added politely.

“We’re not,” Barry said tersely. He was a smug little jackass and there was no reason to be mean. “We’ll leave you to it,” Marcus said quickly. “Hold on. I have to ask Lex something,” Kalika said. As soon as she left, Barry shot Viral a sympathetic look; they were being mean.


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