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30 day challenge-Day 28
A smile played across his face. The voices in his head were even more demented than he remembered. He could hear his father, but he wasn’t as loud as his mate and his grandfather. “You can’t stop now…you’ve come too close,” she whispered.

“Oh, shut up. Even when he’s done, he can’t stop. He has to make sure that the world is at his feet. Everyone has to here him. You always stole the spotlight from him. It’s his time,” his father said. “You’re both being ridiculous. His victory doesn’t matter, this family’s does. The way the world works isn’t working at all. They need to be knocked off of their pedestals, show the world what they really are and make everyone stop believing in their heroes. If they want to worship and obey statues, they may as well bow down to ours. Greatness isn’t just achieved, it’s shared. If you build it, they will come,” his grandfather said.

“Don’t push people away. Can’t you see it? The mutants are angry, they don’t want to hide anymore and they hate humans. They’re all your humble servants, they just have to see that you can offer them the love, power and acceptance they crave. Even humans can be useful. If they want to be different, experiment on them. If they’re useful, hire them. If they want to breed, take them as partners. It’s not a fight unless they cast the first stone,” Kalika pointed out.

“You’re right. No one in our world care what I have to say,” Michael said as he smiled her. She brought out the best in him and he loved her for it. “Don’t be stupid. She’s always been soft,” Jason said. “No, my boy…do as you wish. It’s your turn now. All of the adults failed and a new day is rising. You’ve done what none of us have and you’ve successfully risen from the dead. You’re a god among men and you can show everyone what immortality is like,” Darius said proudly.

“I know just the place. No one will question it, the population is miserable and they hate the authorities. I can’t do it alone, though. I need help,” Michael said. His ex was dead and she would have been useless either way. “Eve is out there. I may be dead, but she has my powers. She was created to be me and now, she can be her own person. It’s still possible for her to pose as me, she just has free will,” Kalika suggested.

“She does, doesn’t she? She was kind to me and tried to help me make friends,” Michael said as he formed a faint smile. He had fun and Eve was curious about how real people worked. She wouldn’t mind and he could have a family again. “She’s alone and needs you just as much as you need her,” Kalika said as she placed a hand on his arm.

“Then that’s what I’ll do. I’ll leave a trail of clues for her, she can follow me and we’ll meet up. Together, we can rule the world. She can talk like you and people will do whatever she says.” It was perfect and if they were good, Michael wouldn’t kill the children. He had done his best to do the right thing, but he was a new person and he could start over again. No one knew who he was, what he looked like or anything to connect him from his old life. No one aside from the people who gave him his new body, that is. He had to pay them back and they’d have as much to gain by his plan as he and Eve did.


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