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30 day challenge-Day 27
The tunnels were collectively called the Crypt for a reason. They were deep underground, people got lost easily and many times, the entrances were near graveyards, battle sites, caves and places rumored to be haunted. It wasn’t entirely true for the tunnels as a network, but it was effective enough to keep curious humans from digging past a point. Only those from Hollow Earth knew them well enough to travel and only their children or citizens who moves to the surface could go back and forth safely. Many people accidentally wandered in or discovered it, never to be seen again.

The tunnels were a global underground network, but the Crypt was located in a dense cluster in an area most people felt was uninhabitable. No one wanted the land and only a few races were willing to use it. It was more like a garbage pile and people all buried unknown strangers or victims of a disaster there.

After awhile, rumors began to float about unhappy spirits and negative energy. People came to explore and eventually, young people went there for their trials to see whether or not it was true. However, one brave soul decided to squash the rumors and solve the problem. They’d lay the spirits to rest, destroy the land and close up any and all tunnels leading up to or connecting to it.

When it came time to assemble a team, no one could decide how to pick. Several priests and priestess for gods and goddesses of death and the underworld showed interest and so did ancient races like the Annunaki. Young, hopeful future necromancers were all dying to help, so a contest was held. Whoever could try and connect with a spirit from the island or receive a message from the Elders giving them their blessing was joining the team. There were to be no more than five in the group, which included the leader.

            “The darkness of night allows us to shed our inhibitions and explore the parts of us we keep locked away during the day,” a priestess said. She proposed that everyone pray in a circle during a ceremony for the ancestors and whoever’s true self proved worthy would move to the next round.

The necromancers wanted to prove their worth by showing what they’d do if they encountered any spirits of the undead or demons, as well as how they’d lay restless spirits to ease.

The Annunaki were a race of underworld gods and felt that a test was insulting. They could easily just take the spirits to the underworld and be done with it. There was no reason to explore the place, find truth to rumors or anything other than solving the problem.

After a grueling competition, a priest, a priestess and a necromancer were chosen. The Annunaki were outraged at what they perceived to be an intentional slight. They demanded that one of them be allowed to attend, but everyone else wanted to stay and investigate things before the matter was solved.


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