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30 day challenge-Day 26
storyline errors
She felt as though she had just been given a death sentence as he slipped the ring onto her finger. Kalika didn’t dislike Franco, but he was one of them. Her father had chosen him and she had lost her freedom. She was moving to a strange new country, she had to be whoever her husband wanted her to be and her vendetta could never be accomplished. In her old environment, she had still been allowed enough freedom to seduce and kill the perverts who supported her family, try and undermine things and use her uncle’s obsession with her to her advantage.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” the priest said. Kalika did her job, but she was dreading the rest. He was young and handsome, but he was also a goody-goody. She had managed to do fun things when she lived with Avara. She got to go to high school, dated cute boys and partied, but now she’d be trapped in a boring life with a guy who had no idea how to have fun.

She formed a plastic, hollow smile as they walked out. “The hard part’s over,” Franco joked. Kalika laughed on cue, but he had no idea. The hard part was having sex with him and just doing whatever he wanted. He was a reptile and it would probably be boring. She’d have to think of the last guy she dated. He was 25, he was willing to kill for her and they had fun. Kalika hated having to remove her tattoos, but she didn’t want to get ratted out.

“You’re really pretty,” he said as he smiled at her. “You have nice hair,” she said politely. It was awkward and she had no idea what her father was thinking. They hadn’t even dated and they were on the surface. “Have you had sex already?” she blurted out. If he was a virgin, she needed alcohol.

“Yes, I have. I don’t need lessons,” he joked. “Thank god,” she muttered. “This really is weird, isn’t it? I just assumed you were,” Franco said. “Nope. Sorry to disappoint, but if you find me repulsive now, you may as well kill me. I’m not getting reprogrammed,” she said tersely. She got screened and being healthy was her wedding gift.

“Wait, what? Is that why you’re nervous? Why would I want you to be?” he asked. “In my house, if you kiss a boy, you’re a whore. If you go on a date, you get beaten for being a whore. If you leave the house in a skirt, you get screamed at, then beaten,” Kalika said, an edge in her voice. She had delighted in watching perverts fuck her grandfather’s corpse. The old man was never going to get rest and he deserved it. His blood tasted sweet as nectar and she didn’t care how gross it was.

“Okay, wait. You’re telling me that Darius beat you that much? Why?” Franco asked. “His father did. I have my grandmother’s name and her powers, so I’m an awful, evil whore like her,” Kalika said sarcastically. She was going to think of butchering the old man and watching his corpse get raped when she had sex tonight.

“That’s disgusting and I’m not letting them lay a hand on you ever again. That man and I are having words and not letting you develop normally makes no sense. I don’t see why making a skirt makes you a whore and this isn’t 1930,” Franco said.

Kalika laughed; he had no idea. The poor, naïve bastard didn’t realize that he was working with people who wanted to make the world run the way it did in 600 A.D. “It’s not funny! Yes, I was being sarcastic, but I’m angry. Look, you’re safe in my house. Unless I think you’re dressed like a slut, I’m not telling you how to dress. I’m only a year older and I like a lot of things you probably do. You may be designed to be whatever people want you to be, but I want you to act like a teenage hybrid. I’m glad you’re not a virgin or it would be extremely awkward,” Franco said.

Kalika relaxed somewhat; he wasn’t a monster. She still didn’t trust him and anyone her family liked must have had problems. “I’m sorry you got beaten and called a whore, but I’d actually prefer it if you had a normal, healthy sexuality. This isn’t going to work unless we have a system,” he said.

“Agreed. Twice a week?” she suggested. If he wasn’t evil like every other reptile she knew, it was a compromise. “Fair enough, but I think that one week out of every month should be increased to three. Also, my birthday deserves some consideration,” he said.

“What about Valentine’s Day? I want what Jennifer Aniston and Meg Ryan are having,” she said. Movies had been her only form of solace and even her aunt liked romantic movies. When he started laughing, she giggled. It was less tense, but she wanted rights.

“Ok, one step at a time. I’d like to think you’ll be more exciting than Jennifer Aniston. I’m Italian and I’d rather you make me look good. You can spend whatever you want, but wear some color, don’t leave the house without your face on and do something with your hair. It’s boring,” Franco said.

“It has to be. I don’t like getting yelled at and my friends always helped me change when I got to school. Thankfully, I got to be normal in boarding school,” Kalika said. She couldn’t handle being around Varuk. Even if he was her mother’s stepbrother and her father’s cousin, she did see him as an uncle. He was a letch and she wanted him to go away.

“Um, no. Your hair has to be as nice as mine and this is stupid. You’re married now and he’s listening to me. Fix it before we have to dance,” Franco suggested. “You have to talk to him or I won’t come out,” Kalika pleaded. “No one’s going to be mean to you. You just have to be a wife and a mother. We’ll hammer out details on your behavior, conduct and all that other stuff. Let’s just…try and keep from taking awful pictures,” Franco said.

“I agree. Facebook isn’t forgiving,” she joked. They had that in common and she had become vain. She wasn’t allowed to be happy or make real friends, so she chose to enjoy her looks, go to crazy parties and rebel as much as she could. She thought of her dead mother, the loving parents who raised her and the people she’d been taken from every night.


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