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30 day challenge-Day 25
Violence begets violence, but peace breeds boredom. It sounds crazy, but there’s truth to it. When there’s nothing to fight for, everyone got what they wanted and things are steady, no one really knows what to do. Politics and advocacy are great, but if you’re an idealist, having nothing to be an activist for is really frustrating.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a vendetta I spent 11 years on and it’s kept me going. No matter how much I lost or got hurt, I kept focusing on my end goal. I’m sure that my family has plenty of time to just have fun, but their lives would be aimless if they were content to just hang out with friends, play video games and eat pizza all the time.

When the phone rang, I was surprised. I rarely got phone calls and I hadn’t made contact with anyone recently. When I picked up, I was shocked by the caller’s identity. It was Lucien, my brother-in-law. I didn’t know what to say and he was done with college.

“Hey,” I said. “Listen, I need you to come back home. It’s important,” he asked. “It’s not my home and I’m not actually Kalika. I have her memories and organs, but I’m my own person now. Besides…Adriana and I can’t be seen together,” I pointed out.

“She and Luca moved to that island we bought. It’s urgent and involves stuff only you know,” he said. “Like what? Can’t I get it to you through an encrypted message?” I asked. “No and if you’re not comfortable, ask Lex,” he said.

“Lex is dead. Once they got a location on us, they blew up the hotel. I’m a widow,” I said bitterly. Lex didn’t treat me differently and agreed about it being a second chance for us. I probably got along with him better than my predecessor. It was hard for two experiments to feel emotions, but we loved each other.

“Oh, shit. Look, I can guarantee your safety and no one’s going to arrest you. I’m in a special division now and so is Vikesh. I know you’re not Kalika, but you want to be treated like a person. Didn’t her memories teach you anything?” he asked.

“That having friends and family is almost as important as making a difference,” I said. “Look, they figured out how to bring back the dead. They’ve gone beyond your kind and a few of the others are alive now,” Lucien said.

I was so shocked that I dropped the phone. It had always seemed impossible and I assumed that only magic could do that. “Hello?” when I heard the voice, I finally picked up the phone. “Sorry. You’ve got my attention,” I said.

“We need to prevent them from getting this far. Your father didn’t die and they’re all still a danger to your family. I’m with the time police and you know a lot about this stuff. Plus, we can save Franco. I know his death upset you,” he pleaded.

“Upset me?” I had failed as a wife and didn’t love him. I always held back because I knew he wanted and expected me to be the person I was forced to be. I didn’t get to be me and when he slept, I cried. I couldn’t love him and then I couldn’t keep him safe. I had never forgiven myself and it felt like everything was my fault.

“You’re not safe by yourself and both of us failed Franco. I know that you were happy when we let you breathe and you can do that. At least avenge your second husband,” Lucien said. “Fine, but you’re sneaky. Don’t remind me of what we did,” I said. It didn’t matter whether it was my predecessor or me; an affair was an affair.

Lucien sighed, but I didn’t respond. It was the truth, whether he wanted to admit it or not. “You’re right, I guess I just thought that you loved my brother. Please, just do this for me. You have your own worth and I know I gave you grief,” he pleaded.

I couldn’t say no and wished he wasn’t so good at manipulating me. “You owe me cheap beer and street food,” I said. “Deal. We’ll play video games, too. I’ll be upset if you die on me. We both lost a lot and I’m almost as alone,” he said.

“I love you. If I didn’t, you’d be out of luck. I guess I’ll see you soon, but in case something happens, I’m sending you a code. It’s something only we’d get,” I said. “I’ll try and put on your tracker. Please, be careful. You are your own person and haven’t been whatever someone wants you to be in four years,” he said.

“I’m willing to be her if it gets things done. I’ll see you soon.” Chasing after someone I couldn’t even see, let alone catch was futile. Peace meant boredom, but thankfully, I wasn’t coming home to a warm, welcoming environment. It was dangerous and exciting, just the way I liked it.


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