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30 day challenge-Day 24
Bart, Starchild
With honor comes a duty to be more than you are for the greater good of everyone except you. It was a tough lesson, but it was the one thing that made me remember the woman I loved. She put everyone, including me first. The world changed after she and my brother died. It’s 2014 and I’m still fighting the good fight. Whether anything and everything I’ve ever done has worked is beyond me. I’ll always live in this reality, I suppose.

Most soldiers tend to rise in their ranks steadily. However, most soldiers can’t control dark matter or interstellar energy. It made me useful and I spent most of college practicing and trying to get ahead. When I did have free time, I was either helping the others lead the movement or I was taking care of Adriana. She’s the only family I have left and should have been my sister-in-law. She was more suited to Franco than Kalika was. She was perfect for me, not Franco.

I signed on to be part of an elite division of the Collective. I used both my powers, my family and Kalika’s name to get in. I still had to prove my worth and so far, no one had been complaining. I had graduated almost 6 months ago, but I begged to be put out into the field as early as possible. Considering that my father used to run the Corporate, I’m uniquely positioned to chase the few remaining rogue experiments left. They’ve started bringing back the dead, something I never thought possible. Memory transfers are one thing and so are dolls, but actually cloning the person and preserving the soul matrix is too much. Either they’ve preserved the matrix or took out even more from the human source, I’m not sure. It still makes it unnatural and my brother had always wondered what would happen if the undead walked the earth. These new ones didn’t rise from the ground, but they were once corpses.

“I really, really don’t think this is a good idea,” Vikesh said. “Look, Viral asked you to help and you wanted to fight, didn’t you? I need your help and we have to stay on top of this,” I said. Vikesh went to school with me and his brother was the mayor of the capital.  The masses adored him and he had his own political party. “Are you sure it’s not just an excuse to see her again?” Vikesh asked.

“Kalika has been dead for four years,” I said. Eve finally got to be her own person and she wasn’t compelled to behave like Kalika. I didn’t feel like having a copy of my dead lover around, I needed a friend. She was familiar, she was the one who actually wed my brother and had a decent lead. The odds were that Lex was with her, too. He was an obsolete model, but I didn’t care. I never saw him as an experiment, he was just an older student I went to school with.

“So what’s the plan? If we catch up to her, what do we do?” Vikesh asked. “She can tell us what she’s seen, where she’s been and what she knows from the past four years. Once we have a solid case, then we can see where we need to go in order to prevent this. Also, she may need our help if I’m right. I’m not sure who the soldier is, but I have my theories,” I said. I pulled out my phone and dialed the number we had located.  “Hello?” a female voice said.


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